Rapper Maino Claims It's 'Fun Game' After He Chokes YouTuber Buba100x in Viral Video

The 'All the Above' hitmaker looks irritated after the YouTube star asks to borrow his chain and making a crack about beating Maino's 'a**' during an exchange at a fashion show.

AceShowbiz - Maino has addressed a viral moment in which he was caught losing his temper and putting his hands on Buba100x. In the video which has circulated online, the rapper was seen choking the YouTuber after the latter asked him to borrow his chain.

Stopping by "Way Up With Angela Yee", Maino was asked what actually happened in the video. "It was all part of the prank. It was fake," Maino claimed. When Angela detailed what she saw in the video, the Brooklyn rapper explained, "I wanted to make it look real. It was all fun game."

He was then complimented for being a "good actor," to which he replied, "Yes. I'm great at it." The 49-year-old went on insisting that it was "just a prank."

However, not everyone believed Maino's explanation. One commenter wrote in response to the interview, "He prolly gave homie a couple dollars to keep it moving!!!" Another noted, "Y'all forgot Maino choked a reporter years ago."

The incident went down at Daniel's Leather fashion show earlier this month. Maino and Buba100x were conducting an interview in the latter's typical TikTok style. "Can I borrow your chain?" the 18-year-old asked. "I can't borrow your chain? Let me borrow it. Let me put on your chain so I can see how it feel. I wanna see how it feel to have on the chain."

Maino, who appears irritated, responded, "See, now you just chatting. I gave you a time, now you just chatting," while putting his hand on Buba100x's shoulder, seemingly to calm him down. Buba100x then asked, "On a scale of 1-10, how badly do you think I can beat your a**?" which appeared to tick Maino off.

The "All the Above" emcee quickly grabbed the YouTuber's neck, pushing him a few steps backward. While he continued pinning YouTuber down by his neck, Maino warned him, "I just told you, it's not just a stupid video. Don't play with me." People in the background can be heard saying, "Damn, he's really choking him!"

Buba100x himself has not addressed the viral video, but this isn't the first time his YouTube prank video went wrong. Earlier in February, drill rapper Nas EBK appeared in a video where they both went to a ShopRite in Rochelle Park, New Jersey and pulled various pranks on customers.

At one point, Nas got into a physical altercation with one of the store's employees. He was later charged with terroristic threats and assault.

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