Lil Wayne Has No Idea What McDonald's Smells Like
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Although he doesn't eat fast food for more than 20 years now, the 'Sucker for Pain' hitmaker makes it clear in a new interview that he is not a gym rat either.

AceShowbiz - Lil Wayne is clearly not a big fan of junk food. Revealing that he has stopped eating fast food since he was 19, the "Sucker for Pain" rapper admitted that he doesn't even know what McDonald's smells like.

The 40-year-old made the revelation when appearing on Zane Lowe's Apple Music radio show. "When I was 19 I moved to Miami and my mom is a chef and she was very happy for the move because New Orleans is crazy. One thing she really wanted me to do was get a personal chef," he first said.

"So from the age of 19 to now, I've always had a personal chef. I haven't eaten any fast food forever," the emcee, born Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., added. "I don't know what McDonalds smell like."

Although he doesn't eat unhealthy food, the "Lollipop" spitter made it clear that he is not a gym rat either. "Only Gyms I know is Jim Jones. I can't lift a weight. I don't do no workout," he shared.

Wayne's interview arrived more than two months after his former personal chef, Morghan Medlock, decided to sue him. In the lawsuit suit, Morghan accused the rap star of wrongful termination, retaliation and multiple illegal labor practices linked to more than a year of employment for the entertainer. She claimed that Wayne fired her earlier in 2022 just because she went to tend to her injured son.

Morghan revealed in the legal documents, which were obtained by TMZ, that she accompanied Wayne during his trip to Las Vegas over the Memorial Day weekend as a chef for the rapper. She shared that she first began working for Wayne in October 2020 and had been assigned to organize his "menus on a daily basis to meet his particular requests."

Wayne begged to differ though. A source from the rapper's camp said that Morghan was let go due to privacy issues. She allegedly breached the star's privacy by actively posting things related to him on social media platforms such as TikTok.

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