The track arrived on Wednesday, February 22 along with its official music video, which shows the 31-year-old Atlanta artist sitting among a backdrop of cars and jewelry.

AceShowbiz - Quavo continues to pay tribute to Takeoff through music. On Wednesday, February 22, the one-third of Migos released a new single called "Greatness" which marks a second song dedicated to his late nephew and bandmate.

The track arrived with its official music video, which shows Quavo sitting among a backdrop of cars and jewelry. On the tune, he raps he would "give away all this s**t just to see my dawg just one more time." He continues, "Tryin' to move forward, but I don't got all the answers/ But I know I can't look backwards, that's dangerous/ I had to go read the bible and take a few pages."

"I don't care how long it take, I don't care what storm you been through/ It's greatness/ This how legends was born, greatness," the Atlanta artist goes on. "I couldn't do it without the greatest group in the world/ Hmm, greatness/ I couldn't do it without the greatest nephew in the world/ Greatness."

"Greatness" follows Quavo's first tribute song to Takeoff, "Without You". The latter track arrived on January 4 alongside a somber black-and-white music video which sees Quavo sitting in what seems to be a recording studio while smoking a blunt. He looks down and rocks gently in a chair.

"Tears rolling down my eyes/ Can't tell you how many times I cried/ Days ain't the same without you/ I don't know if I'm the same without you," the ex-boyfriend of Saweetie spits. He then recalls the memories they made together over the year, including their "nawfside times" which he says were "hard," but still "better" than now.

Quavo then continues in the chorus, "I wish I had a time machine/ Just so you can take a ride with me/ I miss how you smile at me/ Unc & Phew until infinity/ But I know it don't work that way/ Ima see you again some day."

Quavo was with Takeoff during the shooting which took place at 810 Billiards & Bowling in Houston, Texas on November 1, 2022. Following a funeral for the late rapper, the former posted a lengthy tribute to Instagram. "It's so hard to tell you Ima miss you because you [were] always with me and we did everything together. Thought we were gonna be pro wrestlers," he wrote.

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