Key Glock's Girlfriend Karin Jinsui Hints at Split: I Can't Save Nobody

On her cryptic social media posts, the influencer also appears to insinuate that Young Dolph's protege is struggling with a mental health issue that he refuses to seek help for.

AceShowbiz - It seems that there is trouble in paradise in Key Glock's relationship with his girlfriend Karin Jinsui. On Wednesday, February 15, the social media personality posted some cryptic notes about leaving a toxic relationship.

On her Instagram Stories, Karin hinted that her boyfriend is struggling with a mental health issue, but he refuses to seek help. "I can't save nobody that don't wanna be saved...," she began in her post. "I can't drag nobody to the finish like where peace resides. They have to want it for themselves & do ALL the work that's necessary to get to their higher self.."

She continued, "N****s be having all this money..& cars & jewelry but don't wanna invest in going to therapy to let they hurt go... They rather live with hurt & issues they been carrying for decades...they rather live life not knowing how to love..or acknowledge it..they rather wake up everyday being mad at the world..."

Karin went on ranting, "They see somebody tryna help them grow & tryna teach them as attacking them... I don't have kids..I can't raise a boy into a man. If they wanna continue to live like a boy I let them..but not with me around enabling it."

Seemingly denying that she's bashing someone with her post, Karin stressed, "& this is not me talking s*** or putting somebody down... this is some REAL S***!!!"

She went on claiming, "& im not perfect … but I'm emotionally mature at this point in time." The influencer then highlighted her own journey to where she is now, before making it clear that she was talking about her rapper boyfriend, "I can not have low vibrational people around me... .let alone as my spouse... I worked so hard to get to this point...."

"& also...y'all I'm very much fine lol I have so much love in me and knowledge of God & self...that I can't be too sad or negatively affected by things that happen in my life...," she assured her followers. "I move with grace always...& know that everything happens for a reason..& for lessons..literally.. I'm just reflecting is all..."

Key and Karin sparked dating rumors in September 2022 after she posted a picture of a man's arm with tattoos that looked like his wrapped around her neck. She simply captioned the post with, "mood."

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