Fat Joe Receives Pushback After Slamming Fans for Recording With Phones at Concerts

In a social media rant, the New York rapper criticizes fans for using their phones to record videos at concerts and urges them to just 'live in the moment.'

AceShowbiz - Fat Joe wants fans to focus on the music while at concerts. In a social media rant, the New York rapper criticized fans for using their phones to record videos at concerts and urged them to just "live in the moment."

"We live one life. If you go to a show, and you pull your camera out and you're recording, you're not really in the moment," Joe during an Instagram Live on Saturday, January 28. "You're recording what's going on. You're not enjoying it."

He went on saying, "If you know how to live in the moment … Put some fire signs if you understand what I'm saying. If you don't then you lost, 'cause this social media got n****s lost. If you can feel the moment, if you can be in the moment, not recording … You can live in the moment."

Fat further reminded his followers, "Listen guys, you only live once." He continued, "There's never been nobody on earth, that I know of, to make a U-turn and come back."

With that in mind, the "All the Way Up" spitter wanted his fans to "make the best of your life while you're here." He added, "Some people don't care about material things, some people don't care about money. Maybe just being with your family makes you happy, you're in the moment. You're doing what makes you happy."

His comments earned some backlash from fans. "They bought their ticket. Let people enjoy the moment how they want too. As long as it's not hurting anyone. I've recorded before, simply because I wanted be able to reflect back on an unforgettable experience," one person commented.

"Easy solution. Every concert is recorded by the artists team at the venue and is emailed to each fan via the email they purchased the ticket from. Record by section so you captured pov," one other said. "I'm not in the moment any less when I don't record my favorite moments, but I am unable to go back and enjoy that moment again on video years later," someone else opined.

Using cell phones at concerts didn't only concern Joe. Last year, Lil Uzi Vert took a fan's phone and hurled it into the air while performing at Wireless Festival in London's Crystal Palace Park. Steve Lacy, meanwhile, smashed a fan's camera at a recent concert in New Orleans.

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