Erykah Badu's Daughter Responds to Backlash for Posting Thirst Traps With Her Mother

Puma Sabti Cury, whom the neo soul singer shares with rapper The D.O.C., claps back at critics who think that she posted pictures of her and her mother showing their butts is in appropriate.

AceShowbiz - Erykah Badu's daughter isn't letting others control what she should do with her social media account. Puma Sabti Cury has fired back after she earned backlash for sharing thirst traps featuring her famous mom.

On Sunday, January 22, Puma and Erykah were twinning in matching tight pants in different colors. The 18-year-old wore black leggings, while the R&B artist opted for a pair of red pants. The duo posed with their backs to the camera, showing off their perky derrieres.

While many of Erykah's fans were gushing over how she's still got that look at her age and that Puma seemingly inherited that from her mother, others criticized the photos, which they deemed racy and inappropriate.

"And yall adults up here cheering this on. No wonder so many of our young girls are sexually abused. Y'all cheer this behavior on," one person wrote in the comment of Puma's post. Another supported the critic, "thank you bro. This raggedy AF, and even more raggedy are the women cheering this on. Let a father model his daughter doing something like this! Trash!"

"I'm sorry I think the Erykah Badu and Puma pic is weird. Puma is barely 18 and posing like that with my mom is just crazy. That's just my opinion though. To each their own," a third critic reacted. Another weighed in, "Nobody will say it cuz it's 'neo-soul queen' Erykah Badu, but her and her daughter showing off their asses together is weird."

Catching wind of the negative responses, Puma returned to the photo-sharing platform on Monday to clap back. "I posted a pic (not my mom) of me and my mama bady in some cute form fitting pants. I'm an adult. What's the real issue? Let's discuss," she wrote.

She has since received support from her followers, with one writing, "They just mad sis. Y'all looked tf good!!!" Another agreed as saying, "I see no issues! This is YOUR page & y'all looked great!"

Amber Riley has also come to the mother-daughter duo's defense. "They hatin," the "Glee" alum claimed, as another user added, "Not an issue whatsoever..... As usual, stupid social media trying to make something out of nothing... Y'all look great! They are just jealous if you ask me."

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