Summer Walker Genuinely Curious After Yung Miami Admits She Likes Getting Peed On

The one-half of City Girls makes the shocking confession in a new episode of 'Caresha Please' with Trina, setting the Internet ablaze with 'Pee Diddy' trending on Twitter.

AceShowbiz - Summer Walker has gotten candid about her bedroom fetish. The raptress invited Trina as a guest for the latest episode of "Caresha Please", but it was her own statement that grabbed headlines the most.

During the interview, the two female hip-hop stars played a game of "Take a Shot It", where the ladies would take a shot of Ciroc if the answer to the question is "yes." Miami opened a card that read, "Take a shot if you like golden showers."

The City Girls star said, "I do." Seemingly shocked, Trina asked, "Golden showers? Meaning when a guy pees on you? Pee on you everywhere? You like it?" The host confirmed, "I don't know, it just do something for me." Trina then proclaimed her friend the "freak of the week."

Following Miami's confession, "Pee Diddy" began trending on Twitter which apparently caught Summer Walker's attention. The "Act Up" hitmaker's comment piqued the R&B singer's interest as she has questions about it.

The "Playing Games" songstress hopped on the comment section of The Neighborhood Talk's post about the interview. "I have genuine questions about this, no judgment," she wrote. "Like do you require a certain level of water intake before this or it doesn't matter? I'm saying is it that clear oderless pee or that stankin dark yellow hennessy infused perc 30 black n mild hotwing piss."

Miami has not responded to Summer's questions. Meanwhile, others have mixed responses to Miami's confession. Lil Dvual was among those who weighed in on the raptress' shocking bedroom festish, tweeting, "Yung Miami said she like to get peed on? Yea she's f**king billionaires."

Lil YG reacted by sharing a video of a Dave Chappelle sketch previously aired on Comedy Central. In the clip, the comedian channeled disgraced singer R. Kelly, who famously peed on some of his victims, while singing "I Wanna Pee on You".

Another commenter wrote, "Yung Miami saying she likes golden showers is crazy… Pee Diddy go get your girl Caresha." Someone else posted a meme with the caption, "Yung Miami walking in the house to see Pee Diddy use the toilet instead of her face."

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