Julia Louis-Dreyfus Says Political Correctness Is 'Tricky'
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While she's in 'favor of sensitivity' when it comes to trying to avoid offending others, the former 'Veep' star adds that she ultimately wants to 'be kind.'

AceShowbiz - Julia Louis-Dreyfus "questions" those who complain about political correctness. The 62-year-old actress explained that while she is in "favor of sensitivity" when it comes to trying to avoid offending others and still believes in the concepts of "irony," she ultimately wants to "be kind."

She said, "It's tricky. I'm in favor of sensitivity. When people complain about being too politically correct, I start to question what their motives are. I believe in irony and satire - there must be a place for it for a culture to survive - but I also believe in being sensitive and kind at the same time."

Meanwhile, the Emmy Award-winning star, who has been married to "Saturday Night Live" co-star Brad Hall since 1987 and has children Henry, 30, and 25-year-old Charlie with him, went on to admit it was "incredible" to receive praise from U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris for her role as Selina Mayer on "Veep" but admitted that a reboot of the political satire series would be unlikely following the U.S Capitol attack in January 2021 which led to the death of five people after then-President Donald Trump failed to be re-elected and lost out to Joe Biden.

She told Variety, "It was incredible! Kamala's husband, the first gentleman, and she told me they love 'Veep', and that it's more like D.C. than anyone would care to admit. I don't know how we could [do a reboot], I don't know how to make that funny, especially when people lost their lives."

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