Odell Beckham Jr. Says He 'Had Enough' After 'Krazy' Footage From Incident on Plane Surfaced Online

The NFL star explains what really happened on the plane back in November after body camera footage shows moment before he's escorted off the flight for allegedly being unresponsive when flight attendants asked him to put on seatbelt.

AceShowbiz - Odell Beckham Jr. has finally broken his silence after body camera footage from the November 2022 incident on an airplane surfaced on the Internet. Taking to his social media account, the NFL star labeled the video "krazy" and said he "had enough."

"Krazy thing is since the SB. I been minding my own biz, staying out the way. Name ain't been in nothin , and even during this free agency frenzy it was never me who caused any of that I beeen QUIET chilllin. 'They' wrote the stories. Been enjoyin fatherhood and time wit the fam," he tweeted on Thursday, January 12 after the video, which saw him getting into a heated argument with a passenger before being escorted off the flight as he's allegedly unresponsive when flight attendants asked him to put his seatbelt on, made its round online.

Odell continued, "But the one thing that no matter how much I've grown is still the hardest thing for me to do. Is let someone play wit my name. Period." He added, "For those tht kno me kno me, u kno exactly how I am. I really be koolin. But…..if u press that button and bring a certain energy. Do NOT be surprised when u get that same energy back."

Odell went on saying that he did "regret them makin everyone get off the plane." The NFL free agent explained, "All I asked from the people was the reasin as to why I'm being removed. They didn't provide one except for that I was sleeep."

"So while everyone looks at people were delayed for two hrs! I was delayed an ENTIRE WEEEK from seeing my son," Odell highlighted. "There were no flights the rest of that day and the next day. So we all have shxt to do nobody's biz was more important than the next. I was minding my own bizness. Not bothering anyone."

When one Twitter user asked him whether he's afraid of being canceled, Odell said he doesn't believe in cancel culture. "I don't believe in cancel culture. Our worlds just gotta evolve or we'll be stuck in this matrix forever. I try to remain optimistic for my son but realistically I highly doubt tht it changes," he shared.

Odell also admitted that he "was so mad" at the time. "I can't lie I was so mad…… bro really said everything but the N word to me… he had to get it … if him and the other white gentleman wouldn't of looked to me with such and entitling manner. I woulda removed myself from the plane. That's the real reason everyone had to get off," he recalled.

After detailing what happened from his point of view, Odell wrote, "Anyways I've had enough fun wit the entertainment for the day…. Something that's not goin down in the history books just news for the day." He then concluded, "Carrying on and hoping everyone has a great day !"

The said footage also showed flight attendants telling the cops that Odell was intoxicated and unresponsive when they repeatedly asked him to put his seatbelt on. The flight attendants and the captain later told the authorities that they want Odell to be escorted off the plane, describing him as "belligerent and non-compliant."

When the decision to kick passengers off the plane was announced, Odell began to confront passengers and apologized. Later, one passenger could be heard telling him, "Just get off the plane." A furious Odell then responded with "f**k you." The two were then involved in a heated argument before the cops were able to escort the footballer off the flight.

Back in November, it's reported that Odell was removed from a flight at Miami International Airport after police say he was "in and out of consciousness" and refused to leave the airplane when asked. Shortly after, Odell appeared to address the incident as tweeting, "Never in my life have I experienced what just happened to me… I've seen it alll…" He then stressed in a separate post, "Never. In. My. Life."

Then Odell's lawyer Daniel Davilier issued a statement, claiming Odell "was awakened and told that the plane was back at the gate and that he needed to get off the plane because he did not put his seatbelt on when asked." The attorney then branded the flight attendants who interacted with Odell "overzealous," adding that the staff "insisted on removing everyone from the plane instead of simply allowing Mr Beckham to fasten his seatbelt and proceed with the flight."

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