'Kodak the Boss' is the latest track off the 25-year-old Florida rapper's fifth studio album, 'Kutthroat Bill: Vol. 1', to be given a music video treatment.

AceShowbiz - Kodak Black has given "Kodak the Boss" a music video treatment. In the visuals, which arrived on Thursday, January 5, the Florida native can be seen living a lavish lifestyle.

The clip opens with Kodak waking up next to a sexy woman. After cleaning up himself, the emcee sits down behind his desk, showing off stacks of cash and his gold-plated gun.

"Watchin' out for opps when you the one I need to worry 'bout/ Sometimes your best friend be your biggest hater all along," he raps. "Sometimes your enemy be right there, playin' up under your nose/ They dissin' you, but you act deaf 'cause it come out as a joke."

"Kodak the Boss" serves as one of the tracks off the rapper's fifth studio album, "Kutthroat Bill: Vol. 1". The project boasts other 18 songs, including previously-released singles "Walk" and "Spin". Aside from NFL Tuewop, the October 28 release features guest appearances from Prince Swanny, Lil Crix and VVSNCE.

Prior to this, Kodak unleashed a music video for "Ammunition" ft. NFL Tuewop. Portraying a naughty teacher who teaches about guns, the 25-year-old is seen monitoring his students during an exam while smoking a cigarette. At some points in the clip, the "No Flockin" spitter and his collaborator trade verses on the street, at a basketball court and even inside a recording studio.

"I was standin' over a n***a, tryna finish business/ Corner grabbin' like, 'Lil' bruh, don't even kill 'em/ I got my heat on me right now in the studio chillin'/ I'm rockin' Vlone and the V stand for very vicious," Kodak rhymes in the chorus. "I got grip, I got whips, I got plenty b***hes/ I got sticks, I got clips and heavy ammunition/ Tell me how you wanna play and I'ma get with you/ 'Cause I'm gon' find out where you stay and I'ma pay a visit."

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