Pedophile Singer Gary Glitter Terrified of Jail Attacks If He's Moved to Open Prison

The British disgraced glam rock star could only cower in a prison for sex offenders as he's allegedly scared of being targeted by a 'psycho' if he's transferred to an open jail.

AceShowbiz - Gary Glitter is allegedly afraid he could be assaulted by a "psycho" if he is moved to an open prison. The 78-year-old paedophile, expected to be freed from jail in February, is allegedly on a "vulnerable person wing" at HMP The Verne on the Isle of Portland, Dorset, and may have been recategorised and transferred there up to a year ago.

According to The Daily Mirror, Glitter, born Paul Gadd, is petrified of being moved from the wing as he "knows there'll be a target on his back." "He's a coward... he feels safe where he is because it's a prison for sex offenders. But if he is moved he honestly believes some psycho could get to him," a source said on Thursday, January 4, 2023.

A Prison Service spokesperson told the publication, "Recategorisation decisions are taken by governors based on thorough risk assessments. We do not comment on individual prisoners."

It was reported in December Glitter will be released from jail within months after serving half his 16-year sentence. The singer, jailed in 2015 for sex offences on three girls aged eight to 13, is also said to be facing having an electronic tag fitted as part of his release conditions.

The Sun reported in December Glitter may move back into his London apartment as he still has a fortune in the bank from his glam rock hits. A source told the newspaper, "Glitter has kept his nose clean in prison and toed the line and now his sentence is almost over. The nature of his determinate sentence means the case won't go to the Parole Board. It simply means that as soon as his sentence is over, he is free to walk out of the prison gates."

Glitter was given a determinate term for his sex offences, which is a fixed period that cannot be reviewed, meaning his case will not have to go before the Parole Board. The Ministry of Justice said, "Sex offenders released from prison are closely monitored by the police and Probation Service and may be recalled to jail if they breach strict licence conditions."

The Parole Board confirmed it would not be considering his case, but added Glitter will be forced to wear a tag on release. Glitter's offences range from 1975 to 1980 and included sex with a girl under 13, attempted rape of an eight-year-old, and repeatedly molesting a third girl.

In 1999, he was jailed for four months for possessing 4,000 indecent images of children and in 2006 was put behind bars in Vietnam for three years after sex attacks in the country before being release in 2008.

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