Drake Shares Footage From July Swedish Detainment in Reflective Post
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Marking the end of the year with an Instagram post recapping his highlights in 2022, the 'Laugh Now Cry Later' rapper seemingly confirms his run-in with Swedish authorities last summer.

AceShowbiz - Drake has shared the first footage of his Swedish detainment in July. Marking the end of the year with a reflective post, the Canadian superstar has seemingly confirmed his run-in with Swedish authorities last summer.

On Saturday, December 31, the 36-year-old shared a post recapping his highlights in 2022. In the second slide, he included a never-before-seen clip of him being escorted by two officers to a police cruiser.

Drizzy's face wasn't seen in the footage as it captured him from behind, but his braid hairstyle appears to confirm that it's him. He wore a red outfit and white sneakers while his entourage was walking alongside him.

Drake captioned the post with cryptic lines that sound like taken from his rap lyrics. "The funds are useful/ The lyrics are truthful/ The suspects are usual/ The opps are delusional/ The finish line is beautiful /And the disrespect is mutual/ See you in 23," he wrote.

Last summer, Drake was trending on Twitter after reports surfaced that he and his crew were arrested in Sweden. He was reportedly taken into custody by Swedish authorities at a night club on marijuana charges.

His rep vehemently denied the reports, telling The Hollywood Reporter at the time that the hip-hop star was in his hotel room in the Swedish capital and had not been arrested.

However, a few days later, in a since-deleted Instagram post, Drake shared photos from his European trip that featured the country's Public Public Prosecutor's Office titled "Information for Those Suspected of a Crime and Subsequently Detained".

The document outlined his rights such as "know what it is you are suspected of and why you are being denied," and "receive the aid of a defence attorney who under certain conditions can only be paid by the state." During detainment, Drake also had the right to "receive food and rest as needed" as well as "receive the assistance of an interpreter during interrogations as needed."

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