Drake Makes Fun of Rick Ross in DMs Amid Beef

The 'Hotline Bling' hitmaker hits back at his nemesis by insinuating that his rival resorts to side hustles, including promoting Luc Belaire champagne, to supplement his music earnings.

AceShowbiz - The decade-long alliance between Drake and Rick Ross has crumbled into an acrimonious feud, with both rappers trading insults and accusations. In the wake of Drake's diss track "Push Ups", Ross responded with his own track, "Champagne Moments."

The conflict intensified when Drake shared a screenshot of a scathing DM he sent to Ross on Instagram. Drake mocked Ross' purported wealth, insinuating that he resorts to side hustles like promoting Luc Belaire champagne to supplement his music earnings. "Imagine you having 88 million to spend on a crib," Drake wrote. "Your s**ts be steals like you got em from a police auction."

Undeterred, Ross fired back with a challenge. He accused Drake of ignoring his label boss Birdman's financial struggles and demanded that he step in and help him purchase a new mansion. Ross gave Drake 48 hours to meet the challenge.

Ross's decision to involve Birdman was strategic, as the Cash Money Records CEO had recently thrown his support behind Drake in the beef. Birdman's involvement further fueled the conflict, creating an added layer of tension.

In addition to dissing Ross's wealth, Drake also questioned the authenticity of his past collaborations. On a recent episode of the "New Rory and Mal Podcast", Drake allegedly dismissed Ross' diss track "Champagne Moments" by saying he turned it off after hearing Ross claim to be wealthier than him.

Drake's net worth is estimated at $250 million, while Ross' is estimated at $150 million. This wealth gap has fueled Drake's confidence in comparing Ross to Brett Berish, the CEO of Luc Belaire. Drake has suggested that Ross' lavish lifestyle is a facade and that he relies on side hustles like promoting champagne to maintain his appearance.

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