Luis Ruelas Reacts to Accusations He Gave Teresa Giudice's Daughters Fake Cartier Bracelets

The chatters about the luxury gift being fake emerge online after an Instagram account points out that something is off about the brand logo in the box featured in Gia Giudice's TikTok video.

AceShowbiz - Luis Ruelas is speaking out against accusations that he gifted his wife Teresa Giudice's fake Cartier bracelets for Christmas. After an Instagram sleuth accused him of doling out fakes, the Giudice family's lawyer urges people to focus on something else.

"I think in the spirit of what Christmas is really all about, people's focus should be elsewhere and not on something silly like this," James Leonard told Page Six. "That being said, the girls are very happy with their bracelets and grateful to have received them."

The chatters about the luxury gifts being fake emerged online after Instagram account The Real Bad Fashions reposted a video of Gia Giudice unboxing her holiday haul. The account pointed out that the brand logo on the box looked different. "Why is the Cartier logo off-center?" the account's creator questioned, before making fun of how Gia pronounced Cartier.

The Real Bad Fashions' Instagram Stories

An Instagram account suggested that Luis Ruelas gave out fake Cartiers.

The account also compared the box that Gia had with the alleged real one. The emblem in the box that Gia was clutching was slightly bigger. Additionally, the inside of the box looked different as Gia's box appeared to be made of velvety fabric while the other was not.

Fans immediately weighed in on the matter upon catching wind of The Real Bad Fashions' post. "I knew it!!! The inside of that box looked too janky for a brand new cartier box…lawd," one wrote. "These can easily be duplicated on 47th street…" another person commented.

However, some fans defended the Giudice family. Believing that the jewelry is legit, one person wrote, "Images on the websites aren't accurate all the time, especially packing wise." Another supporter added, "I just went to the Cartier flagship and got a bracelet for Christmas. The inside is padded where the logo is. It's real."

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