Gervonta Davis Arrested for Domestic Violence Days Before Scheduled Boxing Match

The boxer is booked in Broward County, Florida on a battery domestic violence charge, two years after he faced similar charges for assaulting his then-girlfriend and baby mama Andretta.

AceShowbiz - Bad habits die hard and Gervonta Davis just showed that. The boxer has been arrested in Florida for domestic violence, nearly three years after facing similar charges for assaulting his then-girlfriend and baby mama Andretta.

The 28-year-old was booked in Broward County on Tuesday, December 27 on a battery domestic violence charge, TMZ reports. His mug shot has since surfaced online, showing him wearing a prison grab while looking stoic.

According to the outlet, Gervonta was still in police custody as of late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning. It's not clear how much his bail is set at, while details surrounding the allegations against the boxer were not made immediately available.

His arrest comes just days before he's scheduled to fight Hector Luis Garcia on January 7 in Washington D.C. So far, no announcement has been made regarding how his arrest may affect the scheduled boxing match.

This isn't the first time Gervonta is accused of assaulting his domestic partner. Back in 2020, footage surfaced of the world champion grabbing his ex and the mother of his child, Andretta, at a basketball game. Things reportedly escalated in another location. It was reported that Andretta suffered injuries to her jaw and her lip. Gervonta was later arrested on charges of misdemeanor battery.

Months following the 2020 assault, Gervonta seemingly defended his action. "I've been around her for like, six years now," he said in an interview on "Last Stand Podcast" with Brian Custer. "I love hear and I'm overprotective. I heard that she was at that game and I told her you need to get out of her."

"That's my baby mama. I look after her and things like that, but I make sure she good. Again, I love her. I was just mad and once I seen her-I didn't grab her by her neck," he insisted. "I grabbed her by her shirt like you gotta get outta here. I probably was wrong for doing that. I was wrong for doing that."

Gervonta then shared that it wasn't his intention to hurt his ex. "It wasn't me trying to hit her or... You know how with somebody, you angry at a kid and you grab them by the neck like, c'mon," he explained. "It wasn't nothing like me fist-fighting her or you know, just me just trying to beat her up." He claimed that he only wanted "to remove her from that situation she wasn't supposed to be in."

The ordeal made him realize that he had anger management problem, so he decided to seek professional help. He revealed that he "had to talk to somebody professionally" to help him learn how to deal with conflict resolution.

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