Jayda Cheaves Claps Back After Being Trolled for Saying She Only Dates Hood Guys

The ex-girlfriend of Lil Baby expresses her frustration at how people can't let have her opinion after admitting in an interview that she doesn't want to date a man who doesn't 'carry a gun.'

AceShowbiz - Jayda Cheaves knows her preference of boyfriend and she's not going to change her mind despite people's criticism. The social media personality, who shares a son with rapper Lil Baby, has clapped back at those who trolled her after she revealed that she only dates "hood" guys.

Responding to the backlash, Jayda posted a clip to her Instagram Story. "So I'm never talking again because clearly every time I talk y'all do that," she said in the video. "I'm tired y'all be mad at me. Like damn a b***h can't even say what I feel or what I like without y'all being mad. Like freedom of speech don't exist anymore."

"A b***h can't have opinion without opinions," the 25-year-old continued. "If I say something I mean that's how I feel and I'll say it like. If you don't like it...yeah. But imma just start to shut the f**p up."

In the caption, Jayda expressed her frustration over how people often take her words too seriously. "Lmfao & I also do play a lot and sometimes y'all take my words too serious. I thought we were to have funnnnnnnn," she wrote.

Jayda sparked a chatter after saying that she's only attracted to "hood" guys. "To be my n***a, you be gotta like, you gotta be hood," she said during an interview. "I don't want nothing that's not hood. You gotta carry a gun. If you don't carry a gun I don't want you in my space."

When the interviewer asked her if his man "couldn't be like a soccer player," she confirmed it. She went on stressing that she is always attracted to a "thug thing."

Following her confession, Jayda was slammed by social media users over her supposed unrealistic fantasy of dating "hood" guys. "I understand wanting to feel secure and protected…. You do know just cause they got a gun don't mean they gone use it tho right?" one person reacted to her comments.

Another mocked her, "Sis tryna make sure she able to cash in that life insurance… I feel you!!!" A third advised her, "You're a mom now Jayda. You gotta switch that up." Someone else warned, "A lot of girls think like this, and that's why they can't find a good man."

Another prayed, "Lord please release our women from the fantasy of hood love…," while one other person simply sent "thoughts and prayers" to Jayda.

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