Saweetie Perfectly Claps Back at Critic Poking Fun at Her Low Album Sales

The 29-year-old female rapper, whose real name is Diamonte Quiava Valentin Harper, has to deal with the critic after she writes on Twitter, 'i make music for pretty b***hes! if you can't relate i understand.'

AceShowbiz - Saweetie might have become the butt of the jokes on the Internet due to the low sales of her EP, "The Single Life". However, the "Best Friend" hitmaker proved that she remained unbothered by it and even hit back at one troll on Saturday night, November 26.

The 29-year-old had to deal with the critic after she wrote on Twitter, "i make music for pretty b***hes! if you can't relate i understand." She seemingly addressed the report about her EP only selling 2,000 units in its first week.

One of her followers then came with a reply, "Damnn I didn't know it was only 2,000 pretty b***es in the world?" In response, the female rapper shared a screenshot of the individual's Spotify page with "1 monthly listtener." Alongside the snap, she wrote, "i hope all 2,000 support you babes."

Bringing up the report of the first-week sales projections for Saweetie's album was DJ Akademiks. Though he cannot verify the report, it's enough for Hitmaka to weigh in on the matter.

"Saweetie selling 2k is bad A&R vibes. Someone's supposed to tell u this ain't it!" the megaproducer tweeted on Friday. "I also have issues with her having multiple platinum singles & not sticking with same formula that got her here. Someone gotta get fired."

Knowing well how the industry works and having become the vice president of A&R at Atlantic Records in 2020, Hitmaka added, "That's why I can't stand analytics! People couldn't wait to not have to stand on gut feelings & goosebumps!" He continued, "If it's trending u sign them & it doesn't work it takes away being accountable for what u signed. Now u can lean on 'oh the numbers said' …… MANNNN F*K ALL DAT."

Sonny Digital also offered his two cents, saying "the math" didn't add up considering her massive Instagram followers. "13 million followers , hundreds of thousands likes on all pictures but album sold less than 2000 copies. That's crazy. The math ain't adding up," he stated on Twitter.

"If I had millions of followers and my album sold 2k I probably would just delete all my social media cause y'all lying to me. Before I came here to give my opinion I did listen to the album," the record producer continued. "I actually listened to everything that dropped that day. Just out of curiosity to see what the competition was on."

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