Busy Philipps Angrily Reacts to Allegations Saying She's 'Rude' on Set of Her Short-Lived Talk Show
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When reacting to the allegations, the 43-year-old actress admits that she could have been rude ''to many of the executives who were at the network then,' but not to her own staff.

AceShowbiz - Busy Philipps has finally clapped back at claims suggesting she was "rude and dismissive" behind the scenes of her short-lived talk show, "Busy Tonight". The "I Feel Pretty" actress responded to the allegations through her Instagram Stories.

The claims were first brought up on the Instagram gossip account DeuxMoi. The 43-year-old admitted that she could have been rude "to many of the executives who were at the network then," but not to her own staff.

"@deuxmoi no need to be ANON FOR ME!" Philipps argued. "Someone sent me this and it's probably very true to many of the executives who were at the network then. It's not T that I f**king hated working for the E! Execs when we were trying to make our show."

"I've talked about it with @instacais on our podcast multiple times as to why I felt that way and we've been specific about situations where I know I was rude and dismissive," she added. "But I doubt you would find a crew member or pa or security guard who would tell you I'm rude and dismissive."

"I just don't like it when people who are bad at their jobs are insistent on telling me how to do mine," she went on elaborating. "But. Let's be real. The idea that I was rude and dismissive is so steeped in misogyny it proves my point anyway."

Philipps' talk show was canceled after running for only one season from October 2018 to May 2019. "Here's the thing, you guys. My show, Busy Tonight, is not going to continue on E! after May 16. They decided not to pick it up. And look, we're meeting with people and seeing if there's another place that makes sense for it to go. Because I would like to continue doing it. We would all like to figure out a way to continue to make it," she said at that time.

"I feel like we've been able to accomplish so much creatively and, I guess, culturally, and I think that we've had a real point of view," the mom of two continued. "And I'm so proud of all of the things that we've done, that we've been able to do, and I feel the show is really successful in that way, but, you know . . . I don't know what to say."

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