Hazel E's Ex De'Von Waller Rants About Going for Full Custody of Their Daughter But It Backfires

The estranged husband of the 'Love and Hip Hop Hollywood' star also talks about karma and insinuates that he's still better than Khloe Kardashian's problematic ex Tristan Thompson.

AceShowbiz - Hazel E's estranged husband De'Von Waller made use of his Instagram account to express how much he misses his daughter, whom he shares with the "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" alum. In a series of Instagram Stories, De'Von revealed his plan to go for full custody of his daughter while also talking about karma.

"Miss my d*mn daughter can't fake it like I'm not in a real life nightmare," De'Von wrote on Wednesday, November 23. "Making money is the only way I can take stress off of it. I'm PASSED broken at this point."

He then shared that he'd "go for full custody," adding, "I need my daughter in my life for me to b a happy person again." He continued, "Their ain't a person or thing thst can make me feel better unless it's my DAUGHTER."

In his post, De'Von also complained about karma "treating me like I'm some triston f**k boi Thomas," seemingly referring to Khloe Kardashian's ex and baby daddy Tristan Thompson. "khloe kardashions didn't even go this dummy when he violated her worse then I EVER did her smh."

In a separate post, De'Von shared an adorable picture of his daughter as he noted, "daddy loves you for life no matter what people tell you. I'll just keep sending you toys and money for you like I BEEN DOING love you Twin."

De'Von also claimed that Hazel "finally unblocked" him from their daughter's Instagram page. "I just want my life back with my Daughter thst all I ask for I'll be damned if my daughter is raised without her REAL DAD not no trash a** step daddy," he added. "Just cause you was raised by a step dad thst really don't give a da*n about you so you will never know what it feels life to have a REAL BLOOD dad around in your life csuse you never had that."

Concluding his rant, De'Von penned, "But my daughter will b in my life no matter what you say lock me up all you want I'll get out and STILL go back and see her."

Despite his lengthy message and desperation for his daughter, Internet users seemingly had no sympathy for De'Von. "Boy we saw the way you was tossing that baby around. Stop trying to save face for social media now!" one person commented on Instagram. "We saw you toss and cuss at that baby. You are NOT getting any kind of custody sir," someone else added.

A third person called De'Von "abusive man," saying, "Every abusive man likes to PUBLICLY say they want FULL custody and privately not gaf. A scare tactic. Please don't forget to raise your sons y'all...."

Another user slammed De'Von over the Triston comparison as writing, "Did he really end that off pretty much saying 'I did you dirty but I ain't as bad as Tristian'?!?!?" Someone also pointed out, "Triston cheat on women. He don't beat on women."

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