Lindsay Lohan Recalls Backlash Over Nipple Tassle Runway Show: 'Now Everyone Does That'

LiLo says 'it's not fair' that she was blasted for getting models to wear nipple tassles on runway years ago while everyone is now copying her controversial show.

AceShowbiz - Lindsay Lohan reminisces her time in "the fashion scene." The "Falling for Christmas" star recalls how she got "backlash" when she was in creative control of the brand Ungaro - after the head designer Estrella Archs made her "artistic director" - and got the models on the runway at Paris Fashion Week to sport "nipple tassels" but now "everyone" is doing the same thing 13 years later.

"I haven't gone to Paris in so long. I haven't gone to Fashion Week. I miss that. I do miss being involved in the fashion scene. It's funny. I think about when I was creative director for Ungaro, and I got so much backlash for putting nipple tassels on the girls on the runway, and now, everyone does that, or they're not wearing anything, and I'm like, [laughs] 'That's not fair!' " the 36-year-old actress told Who What Wear.

At the time, Lindsay's show was deemed a critical flop with fashion outlets such as WWD dubbing it "an embarrassment" and the Cut labelling it "disastrous" but has since been viewed with fresh eyes.

The "Mean Girls" star - who avoided the Hollywood glare by moving to Dubai for a number of years - spilled she wanted to do the festive Netflix movie co-starring "Glee" star Chord Overstreet, 33, because it felt like less "pressure."

She told the magazine, "I wanted to do something where people felt like I hadn't left. You know a lot of people say 'comeback' and stuff, and that puts a lot of pressure on the situation, and I'm not one that wants that attention."

Lindsay also said "I'm not the kind of person that thinks about the movies I've done and how well versed I am in this industry," before she enthused about the "routine" of the movie business.

She continued, "I love my matcha latte, or now, I've switched to oat-milk coffee, which I feel fancy even saying. I am that really cheery person every morning on set. I love greeting my crew and doing my own audio mic. And I always look forward to my short 30-minute lunch break. It just excites me."

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