Sylvester Stallone on Bruce Willis' Aphasia Battle: 'That Kills Me'
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The 'Rocky' actor, who used to be attached at the hip with the 'Die Hard' actor, says he has not been able to speak to his 'Expendables' co-star since the latter's aphasia diagnosis.

AceShowbiz - Sylvester Stallone is saddened by Bruce Willis' aphasia battle. The Rocky Balboa of the "Rocky" film series has weighed in on his friend's health issue, which somehow has affected their friendship.

The "Rambo" star and the "Die Hard" actor used to be attached at the hip, but he admits he hasn't spoken to his "The Expendables" co-star since the latter's aphasia diagnosis. "Bruce is going through some really, really difficult times. So he's been sort of incommunicado," he tells The Hollywood Reporter. "That kills me. It's so sad."

Sly and Bruce became involved in Planet Hollywood in 1991 and they went on starring together in the hit film franchise "The Expendables". At one point, the two got into a major feud that led to Bruce dropping out of the third installment of the film franchise.

The "Armageddon" star was then replaced by Harrison Ford and Sly seemed to celebrate the news as he tweeted in 2013, "WILLIS OUT…HARRISON FORD IN !!!! GREAT NEWS !!!!! Been waiting years for this!!!!"

However, years later, they managed to patch things up and have been good friends ever since. When he first learned of Bruce's health condition, the "Creed" star shared a heartfelt post on Instagram. "We go back a long way, praying for the best for you and your wonderful family," he wrote along with a photo of the two of them.

Bruce's family first revealed his aphasia diagnosis in March of this year when announcing his retirement as an actor due to the illness. Since then, his wife Emma Heming has opened up about the challenges to take care of her ailing husband.

"I struggle with making the time for self-care every day. I put my family's needs above my own, which I found does not make me any kind of hero," the model shared earlier this year. "That amount of care for everyone else within my household had taken a toll on my mental health and overall health, and it served no one in my family."

The 46-year-old added, "Someone told me not long ago that when you over-care for someone, you end up under-caring for yourself. That stopped me in my tracks and really resonated with me."

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