Olivia Culpo Explains Why Beau Christian McCaffrey Is Exception to Her No-Athlete Dating Rule

The beauty pageant explains she's dating the San Francisco 49ers running back despite her previous no-athlete dating rule because he's 'everything [she] could ever ask for.'

AceShowbiz - Olivia Culpo cites Christian McCaffrey's strong family values as the reason why she broke her "no athletes ever again" rule for him. After previously vowing not to date any sportsmen ever again, the former Miss Universe - who previously dated the likes of Ryan Lochte, Tim Tebow, and Danny Amendola - insisted the San Francisco 49ers running back is very different to the stereotype of a footballer.

"He's just the best, I feel like he is really everything that I could ever ask for. So I never have to worry about anything. I think that was the reason why I didn't want to date an athlete, no offense, because there is a reputation there," Olivia - who was first romantically linked to Christian in 2019 – told Entertainment Tonight when asked about breaking her vow.

"He just comes from a great family. We have a lot in common in that respect. I feel like you can really tell who a person is by the people that raise them, and I just love his parents so much. They have a great relationship."

And the 30-year-old beauty joked it helps that Christian "has a really good head on his shoulders and he's hot too, right?"

The couple have shared a series of honest conversations about their future together and hope to start a family in the next two or three years. She said, "Yeah, I think every couple is going to have those conversations. I can't tell you exactly when but I wish I could. I'm excited for the future. I have no exact timeline, but it will be really great."

It was recently claimed Olivia and Christian have considered getting engaged. An insider said, "Olivia and Christian are serious and very in love. They have been thinking about taking their relationship to the next level and have talked about getting engaged. Christian is really close with Olivia's family and her sisters love him."

Olivia previously said of their connection, "We have so much in common. It's really easy for us, so I'm grateful."

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