Oritse Williams' Wedding Almost Turned Into Chaos Due to Storm

The JLS member reveals he had to wait one hour for the weather to clear up when 'thunder, lightning and monsoon rain' hit the venue where he was supposed to tie the knot.

AceShowbiz - Oritse Williams had to postpone his wedding in Jamaica after the venue was hit by a storm. The JLS star married Kazz Kumar on the Caribbean island, choosing a resort in Montego Bay for their sunset nuptials, but the wedding was thrown into doubt after a huge thunder storm rolled in shortly before the 4 P.M. sunset ceremony and lashed the coast with wind and rain.

"At 3.30pm we were looking out of the window and it was thunder, lightning and monsoon rain. We were thinking: 'What are we going to do?' " Kazz told Hello! magazine. "Oritse came into my room and said: 'It's fine, it's going to be sunny.' I said: "Yeah but you don't control the weather, babe,' and he goes: 'Yes I do.' "

The couple were forced to delay the ceremony by an hour to allow the storm to pass over but the sun did come out and they were able to say their vows in a stunning outdoor ceremony overlooking the sea.

Oritse explained he just had faith the weather would clear up, saying, "Everyone was wondering why I was so calm when it was stormy outside but I knew everything was going to work out fine. I told the storms to go away and they did." Kazz then joked, "He's now left JLS to become a weatherman."

The couple chose Jamaica for wedding because it's where Oritse's mother's family is from and they organised a small ceremony in front of just a handful of their closest friends. The bride walked down the aisle to the tune of "Turn Your Lights Down Low" by Bob Marley and the Wailers and wore a dress by designer Rohit Verma.

The reception featured a traditional Jamaican menu and the cake was infused with rum. They later celebrated the marriage with a second ceremony for friends and family, while they are also planning a religious wedding and a "huge party" for next year.

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