Lamar Odom Claims Kobe Bryant Tells Him About 'Afterlife' in Dream
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During his appearance on 'Club Shay Shay' podcast, the 42-year-old former NBA star shares that the fallen star came to him in his dream to talk about 'the afterlife.'

AceShowbiz - Lamar Odom and Kobe Bryant shared beautiful friendship that the latter appeared in his dream multiple times. During his appearance on "Club Shay Shay" podcast, Lamar shared that the fallen star came to him in his dream to talk about "the afterlife."

During the interview, Lamar reminisced about his time on "Celebrity Big Brother" where he had dreams about Kobe, his former teammate on the Los Angeles Lakers. Speaking with host Shannon Sharpe, Lamar shared a vivid memory of him dreaming about The Black Mamba on four separate occasions, one of which was more vivid than the others.

He said that he was in a 3-point shooting contest with Kobe. Kobe then told Lamar that "the afterlife ain't what people make it up to be."

"He said to me something I'll never forget. … 'The afterlife ain't what people make it up to be,' " he divulged. "And then I woke up. I didn't know how to take that, it stuck with me."

Upon catching wind of the revelation, fans had mixed reactions. One person believed Lamar as saying, "I believe it my mom came to me in my dream and said , this was unexpected but I was ready for it she told me to behave and to not worry that she is fine that we will see each other soon idk if it was my subconscious but she was healed and was in her early 30s."

"My brother comes in my dreams frequently. Been like this for almost 10yrs. Sometimes it's a conversation and other times, he's just there with me. It's real," another person commented. One other added, "Loved ones do visit you in your dreams."

Some others, meanwhile, appeared to think that Lamar was on drugs. Defending the former basketball player, one user noted, "Everybody going to say he doing drugs again, but until you have experience something like that you can't speak on it."

Back in April, Lamar revealed that he recently got a new tattoo of Kobe after having a number of dreams about the late athlete during his time on "Celebrity Big Brother". "It's just his face. It's on my neck. When I was in the 'CBB' house I dreamed [of] him four or five times," Lamar explained.

"They were really vivid and easy to remember because he was talking to me in the dreams," he added. Lamar additionally shared that he "woke up really emotional after that."

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