'WandaVision' Star Kathryn Hahn Clueless About Ultron and Infinity Gauntlet Before Filming Series

The Agatha Harkness depicter praises Elizabeth Olsen for generously answering her questions about Marvel Cinematic Universe and being patient during her 40-minute bathroom breaks.

AceShowbiz - Kathryn Hahn is thankful co-star Elizabeth Olsen was "very patient" during her 40 minute toilet breaks while filming "WandaVision". 49-year-old actress Kathryn praised her 33-year-old co-star for being very accommodating as she balanced having "a lot of costume on and a very small bladder" while on set of the Marvel series.

"She was very patient with me as it took me like a solid 40 minutes to 10-one which ... is to urinate in the movie business. I have a lot of costume on and a very small bladder," Kathryn said as she introduced Elizabeth at Variety's Power of Women event in Los Angeles on Wednesday, September 28.

As she began her speech, the former "Parks and Recreation" star gushed about the Scarlet Witch actress "generously" showing her ropes after she was cast as Agatha Harkness, the foe of Elizabeth's character Wanda Maximoff.

Kathryn said, "First of all, she was my intro into this Marvel family and she very generously walked me through blasts and wires and stunts and finding truth on an X on a green screen. I was used to talking to other people. She was so patient with all of my questions, Who was Ultron? What is that glove with all the gems on it?"

MTV Movie Award nominee Kathryn also recalled how during the COVID-19 lockdown - which caused the show to halt production - the two stars continued to bond along with their husbands, Ethan Sandler and Robbie Arnett respectively.

Kathryn said, "In the heart of lockdown, she brought worms from her garden over to us to compost and my husband, for some reason, it was really important for him to make sure that she knew that they're thriving. So Lizzie, just know that they're alive and well."

"And did I hand her a loaf of bread in return that was clearly store-bought? Yes. She graciously accepted. And did she and her husband write and record a song for me as my wrap gift for 'WandaVision'? Yes. And is it as perfectly strange and hilarious and singular as I ever dreamed of it being? Absolutely."

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