Quando Rondo Called a 'Creep' After Proposing to 18-Year-Old Girlfriend

A video surfaces of the 23-year-old Savannah rapper getting down on one knee and presenting his girl with a ring reportedly not long after she turned 18 years old.

AceShowbiz - After surviving a shooting that was intended for him, Quando Rondo is apparently ready to settle down. The 23-year-old hip-hop star is reported to have gotten engaged to his 18-year-old girlfriend, but not everyone is happy for him.

News broke of Quando's engagement to his girlfriend after a video surfaced on Monday, September 19 of him getting down on one knee. In the clip, the Savannah native sang to his girlfriend, who was seated in front of him in a chair in a kitchen, sipping from a white styrofoam cup.

"This feels like forever, I've waited on you," Quando serenaded his girl while holding her hand. "In a world of disappointments." As another person walked past, the rapper turned to them and announced that he's "about to pop the question."

Quando then asked for his girlfriend's hand and slipped an engagement ring on her finger before popping the question. Over the clip posted on No Jumper's Instagram page, a caption read, "Quando proposes."

After news of his engagement spread, social media users quickly reacted with many calling out Quando for proposing to his girlfriend, who reportedly just turned 18 not too long ago. Many dubbed him a "creep" and a "groomer" for his decision. "Quando rondo is a groomer," one person straight up accused him. Another called the rapper out, "Quando Rondo definitely a creep."

A third commenter reacted, "Quando rondo marrying a girl that just turned 18 is CRAZY!" A fourth user weighed in, "Quando Rondo proposing to his girl like that has me cracking up cuz huhhhh," while another said, "Quando Rondo proposed to tht lil girl god if I'm never going be a Wife just say tht."

"Quando Rondo is 23 and just proposed to an 18-year-old a week after dropping his flag via the internet. What be wrong with these n*ggas nowadays?" someone else remarked. Another critic added, "Quando Rondo Girlfriend is class of 22’ and his grown ass proposing to ha LMAOOOOO."

Quando has not spoken up on his reported engagement. This arrives just weeks after he lost his friend Lul Pab in a shooting that is believed to be targeting him. The shooting occurred on Friday, August 19, when Quando and his entourage were fueling up at a gas station. A white vehicle carrying three gunmen pulled up and began shooting at them. The rapper's black SUV drove off, before being stopped by cops near the intersection of Santa Monica and San Vicente.

One of the police officers then interrogated Quando as he was visibly in shock. Others, meanwhile, dragged a body out of a black Escalade, prompting Quando to freak out and walk away. They gave CPR to the victim, who was seemingly Lul Pab, but he died after being rushed to a hospital.

A representative for the "Give Me a Sign" later confirmed in a statement to TMZ, "Quando was present during a shooting yesterday evening which resulted in the untimely death of another young man's life." The rep continued, "He himself didn't sustain any injuries during the shooting and is safe. We ask that his privacy is respected at this time."

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