Apple Watts Threatens Legal Action Against Sister Over GoFundMe Donation

The season 5 star of 'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' claims that not only did her sister Domonique Flournoy steal money meant for her, but she neglected to bathe and care for her as well amid her recovery journey.

AceShowbiz - Apple Watts is taking matters into her own hands after her sister allegedly stole GoFundMe donations meant for her following the car crash. The season 5 star of "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" claimed she has hired a before taking legal action against Domonique Flournoy.

The TV personality revealed that she's been relying on fans' help amid her recovery. She also created a new GoFundMe campaign, but it has only raised about $1,000 so far.

Aside from stealing her money, Apple also accused Domonique of negligence. She said her sister did not bather and care for her as she should.

Apple previously divulged that her caretaker stole $15,000 from her GoFundMe page but she didn't drop any name. "Since I'm such a problem to the person that was taking care of me... Where's my money at though?" the reality star said in a video. She went on to declare that her caretaker "only gave me $90, that's it … out of $15,000."

Dominique then responded via Instagram Story, "I ain't never did this ever but just so y'all know mental health is real and snakes in your garden is believable realistic." She added, "She been at my house for almost month Ty was only at my house for a week I got kids how you only see me three times Smfh."

"She has a appointment on Thursday at 10 am somebody who is smart tell her to come home so she can handle her bizz smh," she went on arguing. "I give up !!! Ima give her her money and she can get on with her bum a** n***a !!!! I need my life back and ain't no returning after this !!! Store policy NO RETURNS!!!!!! Love you but I can't!!!!"

Dominique then suggests that Apple's new boyfriend only wants to take advantage from her. "What man in they right mind will take a person in the condition my sister in all the way to Vegas if you cared for her you would tell her to focus on what needs to be done," she fumed.

"Her medical is in cali her court cases in cali her worker for her kids is coming on Thursday Something is wrong with him !!!!!!" Dominique further raged. "He can't take care of her."

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