Influencer Oli London Issues Apology for Getting Surgeries to Look Like BTS' Jimin

In a new video, the YouTuber apologizes to the K-Pop star as well as the Asian community for 'trying to become another person' after trying to achieve 'Jimin look' by undergoing 32 surgeries.

AceShowbiz - Influencer Oli London regrets trying to look like BTS' (Bangtan Boys) Jimin with plastic surgeries. In a new YouTube video, they apologized to the K-Pop star as well as the Asian community for "trying to become another person."

Oli, who is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns, said in the August 29 video that they has undergone 32 surgeries to "achieve (their) Jimin look." The operations include six nose jobs, an eye surgery, a facelift, a brow lift, a temple lift and a teeth procedure.

Now, London admitted that "it wasn't the right thing to do," adding that it was wrong to "emulate Jimin in such an obsessive way." While the influencer still identifies as Korean," they extended an apology to "any member of the Asian community that has ever misunderstood me or misinterpreted me or thought maybe I was a little bit too obsessed with Jimin."

In the clip, London claimed that they made the decision to be like Jimin after being bullied in school, causing them to have self-esteem issues. "That has been a big factor in me having surgery, me being unhappy, me also funneling my love into Jimin," the YouTuber explained. "I really tried to model myself on that person, because I thought that would make me happy."

Now that they got married, London realized that he wanted to "grow as a person." They noted, "I can't be another person. I just need to love myself. I've started to really love myself."

London previously faced major backlash when they claimed they now "identify" as Korean and Jimin after getting multiple surgeries. "I identify with the Korean community," they declared back in June. "Maybe they will accept me more now because I have 'the look.' Maybe people will think I'm actually Korean, which will make me really happy. They can see how much I love their culture. This is the extreme length that I have gone to because I love Korea so much."

"I just want to make Jimin proud as well," the influencer continued. "Jimin is my ultimate idol and I want him to be proud. I'm sure he'll be proud that I look exactly like him now. I have his eyes. I finally have Jimin's Korean eyes and they're so, so beautiful. I'm so, so happy with my new look and I can't wait to see the final results when all the swelling goes down."

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