Martell Holt Accuses Ex Melody of Cheating With Multiple Men Amid Custody Battle

The 'Love and Marriage: Huntsville' star rips his ex-wife Melody Shari after she calls him 'a bad parent' and insinuates that her ex-husband threatens her with 'revenge porn.'

AceShowbiz - Martell Holt and Melody Shari's custody battle over their four kids is getting nastier. The 40-year-old TV personality is hitting back at his ex after she called him "a bad parent" and insinuated that he threatened her with "revenge porn."

Not letting Melody smear his name, Martell has now dragged his ex-wife. Through a series of Instagram Stories, he accused the mother of his children of cheating on him with multiple men while they're still together and abandoning their kids.

"Who was watching the kids when you got pregnant twice and had 2...," he wrote, seemingly suggesting that he was taking care of their children most of the time. "Who was watching the kids when you were performing fell$&@ and f-kin 6-7 years ago and go on the reunion and say 'I can't remember'... Who was watching the kids when you were taking the flights to DC with the same n****! Then come back to me being a proh**!"

"We were done then if I had known all that you did before we even struck a TV deal! Then gonna take my infidelity to TV for a freakin storyline!!!!!" Martell continued, before mentioning a string of men whom Melody allegedly slept with, including their attorney, his "frat" and "someone I knew personally," "all while married." Defending himself for his infidelity, he argued, "I'm a h** because I was sleeping with 1 person? Nope. You are having a roster."

Martell then recalled an instance when Melody was too busy to take care of their children. "The kids shared with me how afraid they were in a hotel being babysat by 2 college girls. Because their mom was busy," so he claimed.

Clapping back at her claim that he's "a bad parent," he fumed, "Said I was a good dad until we divorced. Being with you didn't make me a good father. Being a good father is just who I am. ... If our kids are with you all the time I wouldn't have you in court for allowing over 24 people to watch them. Very scary situation."

Martell also claimed Melody was "falsely accusing" him "of hitting my son 25 times and striking him on the head causing him to bleed. He told you he bumped his head on the table." He went on taunting, "Melody Shari Holt, I don't need to fly bloggers in, people that know out business and facts about us and what we've done are right here in Huntsville."

Prior to this, Melody shared an update on their custody battle. "So, the fact of the matter is, is that we have not started the trial yet," she posted on her own Story, claiming that her ex is dragging the trial. "I've turned in everything I need to turn in and that I was asked to turn in. And, um, it takes more than one person doing that so we have not started the trial."

"But please continue to pray and um, eventually, we will get there. So I just wanted y'all to know that. [As] I said, I don't want y'all to be misled," she added.

In a separate Story, Melody slammed Martell, "Who finna have 4 kids with a bad parent...smh exactly. Y'all Ain't here me say nothing but positive about this man when it came to parenting... . And until the divorce, it was true. But since the divorce, the veil has been removed and it's A LOT that ain't okay. It's a lot of hurt and bitterness being taken out on my kids. And I see it and my kids feel it."

"Now keep bringing yo a** to social media and imma keep tearing ya a** up from this day forward!" she wrote. "Revenge porn? Really? I pay attention to promises, not threats. I had 4 kids some kinda way with ya #whack."

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