Emily and Peter Andre's Son Keen to Be a Doctor

In a new interview, the 33-year-old, who have kids Amelia, eight, and Theo with Peter, reveals that her son is already keen to follow in her footsteps while it's a different case with her daughter.

AceShowbiz - Emily and Peter Andre's five-year-old son has been inspired to become a doctor. Emily, who have kids Amelia, eight, and Theo with Peter, has now revealed that her son is already keen to follow in her footsteps.

The 33-year-old, who is an NHS medic, shared, "Theo always says that he wants to be a doctor, even though he's only five. But he absolutely loves it, we were away recently and someone had a cut on their finger he went and grabbed the first aid box and he cleaned it. He loves it! He will always try and look if someone has got a cut."

By contrast, Amelia has no interest in following in her mom's footsteps. "Milly is so bad with blood, Theo will watch Dr Pimple Popper on TV - he loves it whereas Milly will want us to turn it off. She wants to be a gymnast or an actress ... you have to encourage them to do what makes them happy and you have to support that," Emily explained to MailOnline.

Emily worked in a hospital amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and she admits that it was a very difficult experience. She explained, "In lockdown, I worked in a hospital helping people with COVID and it was tough but it's always a privilege to help out even if it's just in a small way. But it is my job and what I am trained for. Since having children I have found dealing with loss at work is difficult, it's always a challenge although you have the training you still see people in front of you in difficult times."

She continued, "I have got better at leaving tough times at work, but there's still times when you wake up in the night and think about it, no matter how senior you are or how many years you have worked."

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