Lee Pace Keen to Have Kids With Husband Matthew Foley After Confirming Secret Wedding

The 'Hobbit' actor would love to start a family with his husband Matthew Foley as he confirms he has tied the knot following rumors of secret wedding last year.

AceShowbiz - Lee Pace announced he's a married man after tying the knot with his longtime partner Matthew Foley. Not only did the "Bodies Bodies Bodies" star confirm he and the Thom Browne Vice President of Communications had tied the knot but he also said they are keen to start a family.

Living in New York with his now-husband and their pet pooch Gus, the 43-year-old actor revealed his marriage in an interview with GQ Hype, comparing being married to "an endless sleepover with your weirdest friend."

He shared, "I said to my friend, Nick, 'You know a lot of people, who do you have for me?' And it luckily has worked out. What I'll say about being married, it was once described to me as an endless sleepover with your weirdest friend. In our experience, that is absolutely true." He added, "If you've found one person you can be weird around, hold on tight."

When asked if the pair would like children, he replied, "I'd love to have kids. I think there's nothing better than little kids running around."

It was reported in November last year that the couple - who were first known to be dating in 2017 - had secretly gotten hitched. No further details such as the venue or location of the ceremony are known.

Lee previously opened up about his sexuality and revealed he has dated men and women. The "Hobbit" star explained how he thinks it's important that gay actors are cast in gay roles - but he doesn't identify with any sexual orientation and doesn't think anyone should care about his sexuality.

Speaking to W magazine in 2018, he said, "Our understanding of what it means to be gay is just so different. It's culturally different. It's just so much further down the road. It's an interesting thing for me to think about in this moment while working on this play '[Angels in America']. I've dated men. I've dated women."

"I don't know why anyone would care. I'm an actor and I play roles. To be honest, I don't know what to say - I find your question intrusive."

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