Arnold Schwarzenegger Accused by Miriam Margolyes of Being Inappropriate With Young Pretty Girls
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A few days earlier, the 81-year-old 'Harry Potter' star, who worked with the action movie heron in 1999's 'End of Days', alleged that he 'deliberately' farted in her face.

AceShowbiz - Miriam Margolyes accuses Arnold Schwarzenegger of being inappropriate with anyone "young and pretty." The "Harry Potter" star, 81, previously attacked his conduct on the set of their 1999 film "End of Days", alleging he farted in her face.

Schwarzenegger has not specifically addressed Margolyes' claims, but previously called accusations of inappropriate conduct "not true" after six women spoke to the Los Angeles Times in 2003 about working with the Hollywood veteran. 

Margolyes was asked on Tuesday (26,07.22) about her experience working with Schwarzenegger on Australian breakfast program "The Kyle and Jackie O Show". She said about her hatred of filming with the 74-year-old "Terminator" bodybuilder, "No, I didn't enjoy it at all. I thought he was full of himself and (inappropriate)."

"Not (with) me, thankfully, but anybody else that was young and pretty, he felt they were fair game," Margolyes further insisted. "That was what it was like then."

In 2016, she labeled the former Governor of California a "pig of a man." She told The Guardian, "Although he was relatively professional with me, because he didn't like me, he was awfully (inappropriate) with women he was interested in." She added, "He thought a lot of himself, but I wasn't surprised: he was a bodybuilder from Austria who went on to became a worldwide star."

Margolyes is the only person from the cast to have publicly made such claims, and they have not been corroborated by any other individuals from "End of Days".

Schwarzenegger has not responded to Margolyes' 2016 allegations. He once admitted he "behaved badly sometimes" while working as an actor, but insisted "a lot of" the claims were untrue.

In 2003, the Los Angeles Times published an interview with six women who claimed Schwarzenegger had inappropriately touched them without their consent. The women alleged that one incident took place in 1970s, two in the 1980s, two in the 1990s and one in 2000.

Margolyes said about the alleged farting incident, "I got my throat slit with a glass table at the end (of the film), and I remember Schwarzenegger farting right in my face as I lay on the floor trying not to move." She added, "I shouted: 'F*** you, Arnie!' I was very angry."

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