Tyrese Gibson's Ex Hints at Reconciliation Attempt After His Social Media Rant

In a new Instagram post, Zelie Timothy expresses how much she regrets hurting the 'Fast and Furious' actor and admits it's hard to move on without him.

AceShowbiz - Tyrese Gibson's ex Zelie Timothy is seemingly trying to patch things up with him. The social media influencer has publicly apologized to the actor/rapper following his social media rant, in which he likened her to "snake."

Zelie has just posted on her Instagram page a throwback video of her and Tyrese having a romantic moment on the beach. In the caption, she wrote, "@Tyrese When we first got together, we promised each other that we would let nothing get in the way of our love. Not ex's or social media."

Revealing how things went south between them, she continued, "Yet, WE'VE been getting in the way of our love. I will not get into anything about what you've done and said. I can only speak for myself. The things I've done have made you so sad you chose to break that promise. Whether I'm right or wrong, I'm sorry."

"All I have ever wanted for us was to be happy," she further shared. "Going through your divorce, your mother's passing, your sister, and now your father with you has been hell, and being your way of escape has been beautiful but There were times that I let my stubbornness get in the way of what we were building. Times where I've done things and said things you didn't like."

Zelie then admitted that it's not easy to move on without him. "With you being my first serious relationship, I thought it would be easy to move on," she said. "Yet, with you not being with me, I have realized that the absence of my person is even worse than that. After all this, you've made me know that hell is just earth without you."

The entrepreneur also hinted at hopes of reconciliation as she added, "I've loved you with everything I have since the day we met. I hope going to these therapy sessions will help us both learn about each other deeper. I want you to know how much I miss you and what you mean to me. I love you."

Tyrese has not responded to Zelie's apology, but coincidently around the same time he posted on his own account a video of a turtle running at full speed. "Man whatever," he captioned the cryptic post, which was uploaded on Tuesday, July 19.

Previously, Tyrese called out Zelie as he seemingly announced their breakup. "I am single now and I want everyone to DM have fun with @zelietimothy. She's verified now and wasn't ready to be married. She still wanted to go BIG [and] live her best life," he wrote on July 7, insinuating that they were on different paths.

He explained in the since-deleted post, "I want to get married and settle down and really really NEST and embrace the COMFORTS of this FAMILY AND MARRIED LIFE……… I smoke hookah at home everyday so I don't want to be in your clubs or around your women I want to stay home and be the hard working family man that I am."

Meanwhile, Zelie appeared to respond to Tyrese's claims via her Instagram Story. "Your acting off emotions and NOT facts! Hurt people hurt people. And I'm the wrong one to hurt!" she wrote at the time.

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