'Top Chef' Star Justin Sutherland 'Going to Be Fine' Despite Severe Boat Accident, Friend Assures

Details of how the 'Iron Chef America' winner fell from a boat into the water near its propeller on Sunday, July 3 has been shared by Beth Gillies on a GoFundMe account she set up for him.

AceShowbiz - Justin Sutherland is recovering well from his freak boating accident. The "Iron Chef America" winner suffered severe injuries after he fell from a boat into the water near its propeller on Sunday, July 3, but a friend of his has assured fans that the celebrity chef is "going to be fine."

Offering an update on Justin's condition was Beth Gillies through a GoFundMe account she set up for him. "The great news is, [Justin] is going to be fine. With some time, he will possibly be better than fine," she noted on the page, before lightheartedly jesting, "He is adding more character to the face we know and love, and the most important news, his beard is intact."

On the page, Beth also shared details about the horrific incident. Noting that Justin was the "Captain" when he enjoyed a day off and went boating with friends, she added, "While piloting his boat, Justin's hat blew off. He tried to grab it, hit a wave, and was knocked off the boat. He fell into the water near the motor, and the propeller did a number on his head and left arm."

"His arm is broken, but his grip remains strong and there appears to be no nerve damage," Beth continued spilling. "His jaw is severely broken, but doctors are optimistic that with several more surgeries he will be grinning in no time. In addition to his broken bones, he sustained many lacerations, but with plastic surgery, they will become a reminder of his survival story."

Beth went on to note that Justin had gone through "many surgeries so far" and will be "facing many more to come." On the reason why she set up the fundraiser account for Justin, she explained that "at the time of the accident, he had NO health insurance." She added, "This is where we step in and step up, as many of you have been asking what can be done to help."

Pointing out that the money raised will be used to cover Justin's "medical bills and his expenses while he is unable to work," Beth and her fellow organizers sought to reach the amount goal of $500,000. She further declared, "If this lofty goal amount is exceeded and his medical bills are fully paid, please know that Justin and his family are committed to donating the excess amount to the many charities and causes near and dear to their hearts."

News of Justin's boat accident was first made public through his Instagram account. In the post, it was noted that the "Top Chef" alum is "recovering and in good spirits." The statement continued, "At this time his family asks for privacy, but please send him positive thoughts and prayers. He will be off the radar for a little bit while he makes a full recovery, but any updates will be shared on his social media."

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