Tom Hanks Criticizes Tim Allen Being Replaced as Buzz for 'Lightyear'

The 69-year-old actor, who voiced Buzz Lightyear in the 'Toy Story' movies, is replaced by Chris Evans as the voice of the legendary character in the spin-off flick.

AceShowbiz - Tom Hanks doesn't understand the decision to replace Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear. The Hollywood icon, who features in "Elvis", has been competing at the box office against the "Toy Story" spin-off "Lightyear", which sees Chris Evans take over from Allen as the voice of the legendary character.

He expresses regret that he didn't get the chance to go up against his former co-star. Tom, who voiced Sheriff Woody in the "Toy Story" films, told CinemaBlend, "Actually, I wanted to go head-to-head with Tim Allen and then they didn't let Tim Allen do it. I don't understand that."

Despite the competition, Hanks is more concerned about people returning to cinemas following the pandemic and is hoping to see a movie with Allen. The 65-year-old star said, "Here's the thing - just as long as people come back to the motion picture theatre. I want to go back in the theatre with a bunch of strangers and leave with something in common. That's what I want to do and, going to see a movie with him (Allen) - I'm looking forward to that."

Allen has criticized "Lightyear" due to its lack of continuity from the "Toy Story" movies and was frustrated to be excluded from the project by a "new team" behind the scenes. "It's a wonderful story, it just doesn't seem to have any connection to the toy. It has no relationship to Buzz," the 69-year-old claimed. "We talked about this many years ago... but the (top) brass that did the first four movies is not this. It's a whole new team that really had nothing to do with the first movies."

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