'AGT' Recap: Heidi Klum Presents the Last Golden Buzzer of Season 17 to Talented Singer

In the new outing of the long-running talent competition show, the judge gives her Golden Buzzer to a singer who successfully moves the model to tears with her stunning performance.

AceShowbiz - "America's Got Talent" returned with a brand new episode on Tuesday, June 28. In the new outing of the long-running talent competition show, one of the contestants earned the last Golden Buzzer of season 17 following an emotional performance.

Kicking off the night were Nicolas Ribs and his daughter Emma. He's a magician who combines digital and physical aspects to his acts. It was an amazing performance as he received a standing ovation.

"I've never seen magic better," judge Howie Mandel commented. Simon Cowell, meanwhile, called Nicolas' act "unique" and admitted that he's "never seen anything like that before."

Following it up was Mr. Pants. He took the stage wearing a full-fledged "pant suit" and brought the laughs with his pants-related human. Howie especially loved his jokes. Unsurprisingly, Mr. Pants was sent to the next round.

Later, singer and multi-instrumentalist Mia Morris offered a stunning and unique performance. Howie said that he could see Mia performing in Las Vegas, while Heidi Klum loved Mia's "one-woman show." Sofia Vergara also praised Mia by calling her "one of the coolest girls" who had stood on the "AGT" stage.

Chiko impressed the judges with his death-defying act. During his performance, he kept going higher on stilts until he reached the Xes at the top of the stage. He then blindfolded himself and tossed one stilt. He almost fell, but thankfully balanced himself immediately. He moved on to the next round.

Also performing that night was Connor Johnson, who sang Lewis Capaldi's "Forever". Simon, however, stopped him midway and asked him to sing another song. Connor then opted to sing "Latch" by Disclosure" and it worked better. Sofia gushed, "Your voice is beautiful." Connor moved forward.

The next act was Lily Meola, whose mom passed away in 2020 after a battle with cancer. She wowed the judges and the audience with a performance of her original song titled "Daydream". Howie said that he "could feel the emotion" from Lily. Simon agreed, saying that there's "something special" about her.

Heidi, meanwhile, was moved to tears by the performance. She pressed her Golden Buzzer for Mia!

Jordan Conley then hit the stage for a standup comedy act. Howie was impressed as he kept saying "wow." Sofia also called the performance "spectacular." Also earning praises from judges was opera singer Merissa Beddows. She sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" as herself before impersonating Ariana Grande, Stevie Nicks and Celine Dion among others. She was sent to the next round.

The final act of the night were magicians Siegfried and Joy. They entertained everyone but Simon. Sofia loved their creativity, but Simon found them annoying. Thankfully, they moved on as the other three judges voted them through.

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