Charlie Sheen's Daughter Sami Treats Fans to Her First Apparent Naked Pic on OnlyFans

Charlie and Denise Richards' 18-year-old daughter, who has already racked up nearly 3,000 fans on the X-rated subscription site, charges followers $19.99 per month to access her images and content.

AceShowbiz - Charlie Sheen's teenage daughter has posted what appears to be her first naked picture on OnlyFans. On Friday, June 17, Sami Sheen shared an image showing her lounging on a bed covering her breasts with her hands.

MailOnline reported that Sami let out the steamy snap along with her caption, "Kiss me." The 18-year-old has already racked up nearly 3,000 fans on the X-rated subscription site and is charging followers $19.99 (£16.40) per month to access her images and content, while urging them to message her directly.

The move came after Sami's father Charlie hit out at her "Wild Things" actress mother Denise Richards, by saying Sami's decision to join OnlyFans didn't happen "under my roof."

He told Us Weekly, "This did not occur under my roof. She is 18 years old now and living with her mother. I do not condone this but since I'm unable to prevent it, I urged her to keep it classy, creative and not sacrifice her integrity."

Sami has insisted that her mother is "extremely supportive" of her choice. When asked in an Instagram question and answer session if her parents knew she had joined OnlyFans, she said, "Yes and my mom is extremely supportive."

Sami Sheen's Instagram Story

Sami Sheen claimed Denise Richards is 'extremely supportive' of her joining OnlyFans.

The teen was reportedly making her content at her mother's home after briefly living with Charlie. She, however, shocked her TikTok fans in a previous video in which she branded her mother's home an "abusive household" and "hell house." She said, "One year ago today: trapped in an abusive household, hated myself, would go days without eating or sleeping, insanely depressed, hated school, etc."

Denise later appeared on SiriusXM's "Jeff Lewis Live" and admitted life had been "difficult" since Sami moved in to her home. The actress, who also has 16-year-old daughter Lola with Charlie, said, "Honestly, I have a strained relationship with her. It's very difficult."

"I know we'll get back to where we were eventually but right now, it is strained… I think it's very difficult raising teenagers now and especially in Los Angeles when there's access to everything," she further confessed. "We didn't grow up with Postmates and Uber where you have everything that you want."

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