Naomi Campbell Believes Heavy Makeup Will Hide Her True Self

In a new interview, the British supermodel says that she prefers to wear 'as little makeup as possible' as she wants people to 'feel' her and to 'see' her expressions.

AceShowbiz - Naomi Campbell opens up that she prefers "to wear as little makeup as possible." On the reason why, the British supermodel explained that she believes heavy makeup will hide her true self.

The Vivienne Westwood catwalk queen takes an opposite approach to when she began working in the fashion industry that she would wear slap "almost like a mask." The 52-year-old beauty told British Vogue, "When I was younger and I started in the business as a model, I wore as much makeup as possible, almost like a mask."

"Now, I feel completely the opposite. I feel as though I've come to realize that it's better to wear as little makeup as possible," Naomi explained further. "So you can see you. I don't want to be behind a mask. I want people to see me. And to feel me. And to see my expressions."

Naomi believes that "if you take care and nourish your skin" there is less reliance on cosmetics. She said, "It's better to have skin that looks like it doesn't need copious amounts of make-up. I think if you take care of and nourish your skin, you won't need as much make-up."

The noted fan of Pat McGrath Labs admitted to loving "shine" on her face but understands that's not a popular opinion. She shared, "I love shine. I love skin to look, hydrated, dewy, oily... Some people don't like that. But I think you look better that way. As you get older, less is best and it's better to have a hydrated face, as opposed to a matte base."

Naomi, who is mother to a 13-month-old daughter, thinks her journey into parenthood has "enhanced" her desire to look after herself. She said, "Obviously I want to take care of myself, because I want to be around for my daughter as much as I can, you know, but I was already on this track. I just think that being a mother has enhanced it."

On Sunday, June 12, Naomi posted an update about her darling daughter's "first steps." She wrote an Instagram post commemorating the milestone, "My Love, My heartbeat First Steps walking."

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