Machine Gun Kelly Unveiled to Be More 'Bridezilla' Than Megan Fox

According to 'Taurus' director Tim Sutton, the 'Bloody Valentine' rapper is more a 'bridezilla' than the 'Transformers' beauty because it will be his first wedding.

AceShowbiz - Machine Gun Kelly is seemingly nervous ahead of his wedding to Megan Fox. The "Bloody Valentine" hitmaker was revealed to be more of a "bridezilla" than the "Transformers" actress.

Divulging the matter was "Taurus" director Tim Sutton. Speaking to Us Weekly at the premiere of MGK and Megan's new film at the Tribeca Film Festival on Thursday, June 9, he said, "Supposedly [MGK is a] bridezilla more than she is because she's been through it before."

Tim continued sharing, "Their every move is recorded and I made it my space to, like, work with them dramatically, answer questions, be there if they needed, but to give them their space."

According to Tim, getting Megan involved in the film as MGK's ex-girlfriend required taking inspiration from their lives. "I knew from the outset that the ex had to be Megan because we were going for this real meta world. If you have some great actress playing Megan Fox, it doesn't make any sense," he told the outlet. "But she was up for it because she knew how important the film was to [MGK's real name] Colson [Baker]."

"Their personal life feeds the role," Tim added. "Everything from reality feeds the fiction in this movie and everything in the fiction feeds the reality so when we're watching it, you're getting Colson and Megan Fox, you're getting them, but you're also getting these characters in a fiction."

After the movie screening, MGK, who plays rocker Cole, revealed how his new project has been helping him work through personal trauma. "Because of the way that I grew up, I kind of push away everybody and every situation that has a positive outcome because I just kind of perceive myself as unworthy or low or undeserving and that's been implemented since childhood," he shared.

MGK further noted that he's "learning a lot more about my childhood now and why he's made like that." The 32-year-old rapper/actor went on saying, "I have a real problem accepting happiness and it's healthy watching it on screen to remind yourself like, 'OK yeah you don't want to end up like that guy.' I always have a weird way of writing things on paper that come true."

Later, Megan, who joined her fiance at the event, offered him some meaningful words of support. "You can't receive the gifts that God is trying to give you if your hands are closed. You have to open your hands," the "Jennifer's Body" star, who portrays MGK's love interest Mae in the film, said.

MGK got engaged to Megan, who shares three kids with her ex-husband Brian Austin Green, in January, nearly two years after dating. Following their engagement, the soon-to-be married couple celebrated their relationship milestone by drinking "each other's blood."

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