Boosie Badazz Not Changing His Stance on LGBTQ+ Despite Having Threesomes With Bisexual Women

When his song 'They Dykin' ' in which he talks about having threesomes with bisexual women is brought up in a new interview, the rapper stresses, 'I'm not going against my beliefs for money.'

AceShowbiz - Boosie Badazz (previously known as Lil Boosie) stands firm on his beliefs about LGBTQIA+ despite having threesomes with bisexual women. The rapper, who has made headlines in the past with his controversial statements about LGBTQIA+ community, reiterated that he doesn't support gay community and their causes though he sings about his sexual escapades with some bi.

In a new interview for VladTV released on Wednesday, June 8, DJ Vlad mentioned that Janelle Monae came out as non-binary. After explaining what that means, Boosie said he believes in "his and hers." Vlad then brought up Boosie's 2007 song titled "They Dykin' " where he references having threesomes with bisexual women. "Me having threesomes doesn't mean I support gay marriages," he insisted.

The Baton Rogue native went on explaining his stance, "That doesn't mean that I support transgender stuff. A lot of transgender people, the ones that be coming in my DM and stuff, they always come at me with that. They be like, 'You got a song talking about having threesomes with girls.' But that doesn't mean that's my religion."

Pointing out that Boosie can officiate weddings, Vlad asked if the rapper would "marry two women," to which he said no. "I wouldn't marry my daughter if my daughter was with another woman," the 39-year-old stated. "So, why would I marry two women-I'm not going against my beliefs for money."

Despite not supporting their causes, Boosie stressed that he doesn't have a problem with gay people. "That don't mean I hate you or feel no type of way that what you're doing. I don't. That's you. This me," he claimed. "I just state how I feel about certain situations. That's what people get mad at me about, because I'm the one gon' say it and I'm the one that's gon' stand on it. That's Boosie."

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