Charlie Puth Regrets Losing His Virginity to a Fan at 21
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In a new interview, the 'Attention' hitmaker recalls how he lost his v-card to someone like that, adding that he wishes his first time was 'a little more memorable.'

AceShowbiz - Charlie Puth got candid about his personal experience. Speaking for a new interview with Bustle which was published on Tuesday, May 31, the "We Don't Talk Anymore" singer revealed that he lost his virginity to a fan back when he was 21.

Recounting the moment, Charlie shared that it happened when he had a small show in Boston. "This girl came up to me and was like, 'Can you sign my chest?' I was like, 'I feel like a rock star,' " the 30-year-old divulged. The "Attention" hitmaker, however, had some regrets about losing his v-card like that.

The musician shared that they didn't keep in touch after having sex. "I never saw her again," Charlie said. "She was lovely, but it makes me sad sometimes because I wish the older version of me was like, 'Hey, you might want to just make this like a little more memorable.' "

Also in the interview, Charlie talked about how he made use of his TikTok account to express his thirstiness. He also addressed comedian Sarah Schauer's tweet about him which read, "Charlie Puth is so incredibly horny on TikTok. if someone doesn't f**k him soon I fear the worst."

In response to that, Charlie joked, "I think I actually had sex that night when I saw that." He went on to say, "It made me think, 'Wow, people really do understand me.' I'm really horny. I think to be a creative, you have to be a little bit."

He also credited the video-sharing platform for saving his life during the COVID-19 pandemic. "The internet saved my life in 2003, and it saved my life in 2020," the "Marvin Gaye" singer dished. He believed that TikTok helped him show his vulnerability, adding, "There's some downsides to that because now you have so much music coming out every day and you have so many TikTok videos coming out every day. There's a lot of competition, but I think it's for the better."

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