In the upcoming action film from the Russo brothers, Gosling plays the titular The Gray Man himself while Evans is described as 'his psychopathic adversary.'

AceShowbiz - Here's a look at the new film from "Avengers: Endgame" directors, Anthony and Joe Russo. Titled "The Gray Man", the potential blockbuster has had its first trailer released online, pitting Ryan Gosling against Chris Evans, who has worked with the Russo brothers in some MCU movies.

In the upcoming action thriller, Ryan Gosling plays The Gray Man himself, while Evans is described as "his psychopathic adversary." The trailer sees the two characters going head to head as Evans' Lyod Hansen appears to target Gosling's Court Gentry.

The trailer also features Billy Bob Thornton as Donald Fitzroy. Launching his threat, Lyod tells Donald, "I'm about to put a hit so big on your boy's head that even his most loyal allies won't hesitate to drop a dime. Every grade A wet team from here to Reykjavik will be vying for the prestige of killing the infamous Sierra Six." The assassin goes on bragging, "I can kill anybody."

According to the official synopsis, The Gray Man is CIA operative Court Gentry a.k.a. Sierra Six. Plucked from a federal penitentiary and recruited by his handler, Donald Fitzroy, Gentry was once a highly-skilled, Agency-sanctioned merchant of death. But now the tables have turned and Six is the target, hunted across the globe by Lloyd Hansen, a former cohort at the CIA, who will stop at nothing to take him out. Agent Dani Miranda (Ana de Armas) has his back. He'll need it.

Gosling previously teased that his character's ingenuity is matched only by his sense of humor. "In almost every scene, we tried to set it up so that he was at a disadvantage. And it becomes about watching him use whatever is in his environment to gain leverage," he divulged. "And what he uses most consistently is a sense of humor. It's a survival tool. If he can find what's funny about the absurdity of the situation, he can distance himself from the danger of it."

Also starring Rege-Jean Page, Jessica Henwick, Dhanush, Wagner Moura and Alfre Woodard, it is based on the novel "The Gray Man" by Mark Greaney. The screenplay is written by Joe Russo, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. The film will receive a theatrical release on July 15 before streaming on Netflix a week later.

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