The 'Wild 'N Out' star, who is currently expecting another baby with Bre Tiesi, insists he's still able to 'communicate; with all of his kids every day despite the complex set up of his personal life.

AceShowbiz - Nick Cannon has gotten candid about being a father to his seven kids. In a new interview, the "Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out" star admitted it is "challenging" juggling the needs of his children and their mothers.

The 41-year-old TV host, who has 11-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe with his ex-wife Mariah Carey, five-year-old son Golden and 17-month-old daughter Powerful Queen with Brittany Bell and nine-month-old twin sons Zion and Zillion with Abby De La Rosa, and is expecting another baby with Bre Tiesi, insisted he is still able to "communicate" with all of his kids every day, despite the complex set up of his personal life and he hopes things continue to run "smoothly" as his brood gets older.

Nick, whose five-month-old son with Alyssa Scott, Zen, tragically died of brain cancer last December, said: "It's definitely challenging. I give respect and honor to all the mothers because they're wonderful, outstanding people." He added, "The extracurricular activities, schooling, education, it's structured in such a way to where no one feels like they're not getting enough time."

"Contrary to popular belief, where people might think there's no way he could be present to all of them, it has worked out phenomenally," Nick continued. "I just pray that it continues to work as smoothly as it does because I'm able to see and communicate with all my children every single day. I give everyone their respected time, whatever is needed of me."

Nick, who has autoimmune condition lupus, admitted fatherhood is the biggest driver in his life. He gushed to E! News, "I love it. Being a dad is the best part of life. I've had a lot of things happen to me throughout my life, and the thing that's kind of kept me grounded when I'm dealing with my health issues is, 'I want to be here for my children for as long as possible.' "

"To be a father is the thing that keeps me living, to be honest," Nick shared. "It is the thing that keeps me driven and keeps me waking up each and every morning, making me want to be a provider and a protector. It puts everything in perspective."

"The Masked Singer" host doesn't care about other people's opinions when it comes to raising his family. Asked the best parenting advice he's been given, he said, "Always embrace who you are and lean into the man that you're growing to be. If you care about other people's opinion, then you're other people's prisoner. It's really about you. I have a good moral compass. I know what I'm doing. Just lean into it and God will provide the opportunity for me to continue to be the best father I can be."

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