'Rust' Producers 'Confident' They Can 'Complete' Movie After Alec Baldwin Fatal Shooting
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Film producers and the disgraced actor are being sued for wrongful death by late cinematographer Halyna Hutchins' family following the 'horrific tragedy' that happened in October last year.

AceShowbiz - "Rust" producers are optimistic about finishing the movie after Alec Baldwin accidentally shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. The producers are "confident" they can "complete" the film.

Production was stopped on the Western last October after Halyna was shot and killed and director Joel Souza injured when a gun lead actor Alec was holding went off. However, producer Anjul Nigam insisted the project hasn't been shelved for good and those involved want to carry on with work as soon as the investigation into the tragedy is complete.

Anjul told The Hollywood Reporter, " 'Rust' is obviously a horrific tragedy. The investigation will hopefully be resolved soon and will unveil what happened." He added, "Obviously, there will be people out there who will have negative perspectives, but we're confident about continuing to make quality movies. We're confident we'll be able to complete the movie."

Alec and the film's producers are being sued for wrongful death by Halyna's family. In documents submitted in March, however, "The Boss Baby" star insisted he wasn't "culpable" for the tragedy.

In an arbitration demand claiming his contract protects him from financial responsibility in the death of cinematographer, his documents stated, "This is a rare instance when the system broke down, and someone should be held legally culpable for the tragic consequences. That person is not Alec Baldwin."

The 64-year-old star returned $100,000 of his $250,000 fee for the movie but had wanted to complete the film to honor Halyna and also took it upon himself to "provide [the Hutchins family] redress for their loss." The documents stated, "The proposed settlement for Hutchins included a component of insurance proceeds."

"In addition, [Alec] made an exhaustive effort to contact the 'Rust' cast in the hope of acquiring their support to finish the film. He did so both with the intent of honoring Halyna's legacy by completing her last work and of compensating Hutchins and his son from the film's profits," the docs stated. "Depending on the success of 'Rust' upon its completion and release, this additional component of the settlement would likely have equaled millions of dollars."

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