In a new interview, the 43-year-old frontman of the 'Plug in Baby' hitmakers describes their upcoming LP as 'a record that is a greatest hits album of new songs.'

AceShowbiz - Muse's new album is a "greatest hits of new songs." Formed in 1994, the "Plug in Baby" hitmakers weren't "in favour" of marking their long career with a singles collection but think they've still provided fans with a type of retrospective in their upcoming LP "Will of the People" because it goes through so many different genres.

"We were reaching that point where there was talk about maybe doing a greatest hits album, and we weren't really in favour of doing that. So it's almost like we've made a record that is a greatest hits album of new songs," frontman Matt Bellamy said. "That means this album might have a metal track on it, and it's like, the best metal track we've ever done. Or there’s a sort of soft ballad, love song and it's probably the best ballad love song we've ever done, and so on."

He continued, "It's a montage of the best of Muse. It's a new take on all of those types of genres that we've touched on in the past." Matt also thinks it is the group's most American-sounding record to date after the coronavirus pandemic meant he and his wife Elle Evans spent most of the lockdown in Los Angeles.

Speaking with The Big Issue magazine, he explained, "I've been missing England. I didn't think I'd miss it as much as I did. I went to live in America in 2010, but I would always come back to the U.K. quite a lot. But then during the pandemic, I had to stay there and live in L.A. for two years."

It really gave me a pretty heavy exposure to the American way of life, American politics and all the stuff that went down during that period. All the chaos we saw emerging in America, in between the election and the inauguration, has definitely been a big influence on this record," he added.

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