Joan Collins Details Her Cold Relationship With 'Dynasty' Co-Star Linda Evans

The 88-year-old, who takes the role of Alexis Colby in the soap, reveals that she used to have differing opinion about stunts with her co-star, who portrayed her character's nemesis Krystle Carrington depicter.

AceShowbiz - Joan Collins has admitted she had a frosty relationship with her "Dynasty" co-star Linda Evans. The star, who played Alexis Colby in the U.S. soap, often filmed dramatic scenes with Linda as her character's nemesis Krystle Carrington.

However, Joan admits the pair had different opinions over whether they should do their own stunts and it made life on set slightly awkward. In an interview with ET Online, Joan explained, "It was a very interesting relationship because Linda and I are opposite ends of the spectrum.

"She loves doing her stunts and I was informed by Gene Kelly when I first came to Hollywood, 'Do not do your own stunts, honey,' " Joan explained. "First of all, you're putting a stunt gal out of work, and second, it's dangerous."

"So many actors have had serious problems and I know a lot of actors today who have got hip replacements and things like that because they're doing their own stunts," the 88-year-old actress shared.

Joan said there was one stunt she did do and that was a fight between Alexis and Krystle in a pond. The actress admitted it was "scary" to go into the water and she tried not to do in too deep.

She added, "If you freeze frame, I did go into the water and the water was only about this deep. It was really scary ... and we did several takes. Then, when Linda went to hit me and the director said cut, he didn't say cut early enough and she did connect a little bit with my chin. So that's not acting, when you see that bit."

Joan is currently promoting her new book, "My Unapologetic Diaries", in which she recalls some of the drama behind-the-scenes on "Dynasty". It is her 17th tome and was recreated using voice notes she made for herself at the time which formed an audio diary.

She said of the recordings, "They were unapologetic because I didn't care what I said. And sometimes I'd come back from an event, and I'd be a little bit drunk somehow, sometimes, and I would say things and I didn't have to apologise for them because it was just me writing to myself."

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