Taking to social media, the 'One Wish' hitmaker claims that the footage that sees the 'Donda' artist delivering the alleged 'unreleased sex tape' to the SKIMS founder is 'so untrue.'

AceShowbiz - Ray J has spoken out after footage of Kanye West delivering Kim Kardashian the alleged "unreleased sex tape" was aired on "The Kardashians". Taking to social media, the "One Wish" crooner claimed that it's all "lie."

Upon learning of the Thursday, April 28 episode of the Hulu show, the 41-year-old R&B singer took to Instagram to respond. "All of this is a lie smh," he wrote. He later promised, "Can't let them do this anymore," as it's "so untrue."

In the said clip, Kanye is seen delivering a large suitcase with a computer and hard drive inside allegedly containing the entire footage of Kim and Ray J's 2007 sex tape. When opening the suitcase that Kanye brought back from Los Angeles for her ahead of her "Saturday Night Live" debut, she tearfully says, "[Kanye] got me all of the sex tape back."

"I know Kanye did this for me, but he also did this for my kids. I want to shield them from this as much as I can and if I have the power or Kanye has the power to, that is just the most important thing to me," Kim shares in a confessional. She further shares that she gets "so emotional" as "it just means a lot."

Later, Kim reveals that she watched the footage she received from Kanye. She confirms that there wasn't a second sex tape. "It was just footage of us at a restaurant, at a nightclub," she explains, before stressing, "Nothing sexual, nothing weird. So now I can take a deep breath and not worry about this right before 'SNL', right before the Bar and everything."

The second sex tape drama began after Kim's son Saint West found an ad for the X-rated footage while he was playing Roblox on his iPad, which was documented in the April 14 episode of "The Kardashians". Shortly after, Kim called Kanye and broke down in tears when explaining what happened.

While Kim insisted that there were no other sex tapes, Ray J's former manager Wack 100 accused Kim of lying about her claims. "They f**k around and forget about the lie they told, which was [the second tape] doesn't exist," said Wack 100 during an interview with Clubhouse earlier this month. "So if you know it doesn't exist, why are you saying you got attorneys and you got this to make sure it doesn't come out? If it doesn't exist, why are you [doing this] now?"

"I'm confused. I'm confused. They whole motherf**king lying!" Wack 100 stressed. The manager of Blueface then asked, "So how the f**k are you paying attorneys to stop something that you now in possession of?"

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