Justine Skye Disses Ex Giveon's New 'Weak A** Song' Ahead of Its Release

The former Roc Nation artist calls out her former boyfriend for releasing new music just a few days after her new song 'What a Lie' hit streaming services.

AceShowbiz - Justine Skye has a few words to say about Giveon's upcoming single. In a new social media post, the "In My Bag" singer described her ex's upcoming single as a "weak a** song."

Justine made the comment when responding to a fan's post on Twitter. In the said tweet, the individual attached a screenshot of Justine's announcement that read, "Ya'll keep telling me to put it in the music! WHAT A LIE ... Coming 4/22. Go pre-save it now."

There was also a screenshot of Giveon's tweet in which he promoted his own music. "Lie Again.. 4/29 .. pre-save now," it read. Quote-retweeting the post, the 26-year-old Brooklyn songstress said, "I already know what this weak a** song sounds like anyway. It's not what y'all think it'll be."

Justine hinted at her breakup with Giveon back in October 2021 through a series of cryptic tweets. "People who I thought loved me the most I let break me the most. And those who actually do love me I pushed away," she lamented in one of her posts. "I'm sure I'm not the only one which is why I'm even talking about this on here [right now] cause it f**kin hurts."

"I really hate the person I let myself become, but I know I want to be better and I cannot wait for that day," the former Roc Nation artist added in another note. "Cheaters gonna cheat. Liars gonna lie. Users gonna use."

Later in December, the "Know Myself" singer shared stories about how she split from the "For Tonight" crooner after she found out that he allegedly cheated on her. "I'm just letting him, I'm looking at him formulate like a plan to lie to me and he's like, 'Tell her it was me, tell her it was my cousin,' " she recalled during an Instagram Live.

"He still hasn't responded to me by me saying like, 'My friend [saw you went] up to your room with another girl,' " she continued. "There's no friend, obviously. This fool thinks that there's a friend."

Justine then revealed that she's caught off guard after seeing her former beau's response. " 'Tell you friend she just ruined your relationship. I'm done.' Honestly when he said 'I'm done,' I was like, 'You're done?' And then I sent him a picture... of his phone in my hand on the text message where they were formulating this lie to tell me and I said, 'No, I'm done,' " she elaborated.

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