Justine Skye Slams Giveon for Allegedly Cheating on Her as She Hints at Split

The 'In My Bag' songstress sparks separation rumors with her boyfriend and accuses him of cheating after she shares a cryptic breakup post that reads, 'cheaters gonna cheat.'

AceShowbiz - Justine Skye and Giveon are seemingly going separate ways. Taking to her Twitter account, the "In My Bag" songstress slammed the "Heartbreak Anniversary" hitmaker for allegedly cheating.

On Tuesday, October 12, the "Collide" songstress shared a series of cryptic breakup posts. In one tweet, she appeared to accuse her partner of cheating as saying, "Cheaters gonna cheat. Liars gonna lie. Users gonna use." Though she didn't reveal the reason for their separation, she said, "People will break you down to the last bone and then ask why you can't stand on your own."

In a separate Twitter post, Justine, who has kept her romance with Giveon away from the public since last year, pointed out that she "[doesn't] give a f**k [right now]." She further stressed, "I should've stopped a long time ago."

The "Space and Time" artist also compared herself to "a vase" in a following tweet. She stated, "It's like i'm a vase, it keeps cracking and i keep trying [to] glue it back together to appear fine. Doesn't mean it's not still broken."

"I really hate the person I let myself become, but I know I want to be better and I cannot wait for that day," Justine told her 563,000 followers about her feelings. "People who I thought loved me the most I let break me the most. And those who actually do love me I pushed away.. I'm sure I'm not the only one which is why I'm even talking about this on here [right now] cause it f**kin hurts."

In a since-deleted Twitter post, Justine also wrote, "A man wouldn't know how to treat you right if you gave them a manual." She went on to highlight that she's "done" as saying, "I know I shouldn't but I really can't help but blame myself for not saving enough love for me in the end. Whatever [i don't care] anymore i'm done."

After exposing her feelings in emotional tweets, Justine shared, "People want you to be vulnerable, but don't look weak. They want you to be real, but not too real. I don't know if I give a f**k anymore what people want, cause they don't even know." She then concluded, "There are no rules to this life s**t and that's shown to be true every single day."

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