Ireland Baldwin Under Fire After Unveiling She Had 'Mini Facelift' Procedure at Her Age

The 26-year-old daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger is getting slammed by social media critics for undergoing the cosmetic procedure to lift her face at such a young age.

AceShowbiz - Ireland Baldwin is catching the heat after she revealed that she just had a "mini facelift" procedure. The 26-year-old model is getting slammed by social media trolls for undergoing the cosmetic procedure.

On Monday, April 11, the daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger made use of her Instagram account to post a series of her photos after she opened her compression bandage following the facelift. "Velvety goodness," the model, clad in a velvet top, simply captioned her post.

While some praised her stunning look, others criticized her for undergoing the procedure at such a young age. "Surgery looks good," one Instagram user wrote in the comment section of her post. "You're not even 30, if you're surgically facelift now, you have a long road ahead," another said.

Ireland has been receiving backlash lately after she uploaded a photo of her wearing compression bandage as she relaxed on the couch post doctor's visit. In another snap, she could be seen posing alongside her cousin, Alaia Baldwin, who also wore the same facial bandage. "Cousins who facetite together, stay together," she captioned a snap of the pair wearing sunglasses and nude facial garments. "Shout out @drmichaelkim."

Many social media critics were quick to slam the model. "Most 26 yr olds are playing off student loans," one person wrote in the comment section. Another agreed, "Yeah …. I googled. It costs anywhere from $5000 to $14000. Much be nice ….Off to work I go!"

"You already beautiful..Why would you do that to yourself?!" asked another person, while someone else chimed in, "So young to be doing this! … why? Your face is Beautiful as is!" A separate person responded, "That is ridiculous neither one of you need Face tyte!"

Earlier this week, Ireland shared a lengthy note on Instagram about how "hateful" comments she received affected her. "I adore the intimate conversations I have with so many strangers and new friends on here. I couldn't possibly ignore just the hateful ones without letting them affect me. I am a person (in case you thought otherwise)," she penned.

"Words hurt no matter how much I pretend like they don't," Ireland continued. "I know it's best to stay silent sometimes and let things fizzle out…ehhhh but I'm done doing that." She later stressed that she will "stand up" for herself.

Ireland also noted that she was "insecure AS F**K" about her chin. "As a matter of fact, I am getting that fixed soon," she said. "Not going under the knife but trying an in-office procedure to see if it helps."

"I am SHAMELESS about s**t, ya'll. And the most glorious part, is I am not posting revealing pictures, getting treatments, and doing jack S**T for any of you," Ireland added. "It's all for me. I am in the most freeing mental headspace I have ever been in about my body image."

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